What to Expect When Your Glass Accent Piece Is Installed

You’ve spent a long time contemplating getting a home addition like a glass accent piece. Maybe you don’t have the money set aside for a full remodel but you know a few beautiful glass items will really liven up your home. Perhaps your home remodel is already underway and you’ve discovered you have room in your budget for a few glass additions. Regardless, you may be curious what to expect when it comes to installation.

When working with a company like CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you know the company will do all it can to ensure customer satisfaction. The staff have worked on many private residences and commercial buildings, including bars, restaurants, offices, museums, and more. Some of CBD’s past clientele include Las Vegas’ Red Rock Hotel and Trump Tower, Chile’s Baha’i Temple, and more.

Glass railing (Rejean)1

If you want to join the ranks of such esteemed CBD customers, you only have to contact the company with the scope of your project to receive a quote. Once work begins though, what should you expect?

Depending on the size of the glass accent piece, the installation process may be more or less lengthy. A simpler addition like a backsplash could be affixed to a kitchen wall in a day. However, bigger projects like a glass sink or countertop could take longer to install. During this time, you probably won’t be able to get into that room until the project is done.


Of course, the staff at CBD want to accommodate all customers, so work will be done when it’s most convenient. If you prefer the glass item to be installed in the afternoon on a workday when you won’t be home, this is possible. The CBD staff also seeks to get items installed as quickly as possible. Since CBD produces and ships its items premade, assembly is minimized if needed at all.

Are you more of the DIY type? No problem! At CBD Glass, we’re happy to let our customers take over the reins. You can totally assemble these glass accent pieces yourself or with a contractor. Since these are prefabricated, a lot of the work is already done. You may just have to connect a few pieces and voila, you have a fantastic new glass addition that will be sure to last you for years to come.

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Have questions? No problem. CBD has trained glass technicians on hand who can answer any questions customers may have. Just call, send an email, or even request a consultation. No matter what stage you are in the installation process, between you and the glass technician, you can get the project figured out and finished.

Are you interested in ordering a glass accent piece from CBD but you live outside of the Toronto area? Are you in another country entirely? Don’t worry about it. Customers in the United States can also order from CBD. All glass items are nestled in wooden crates so they arrive in one piece. CBD is so sure of its shipping that it will insure these glass items. So what are you waiting for? Order today.