Enjoy the Last of Summer with Glass Railings for Your Swimming Pool

Whew, it’s hot out there! If you feel like you haven’t made the most of summer yet, you still have a few more weeks left to do so. After all, there’s still about half of August remaining, so why not hit the beach or pool a few more times?

If you’re lucky enough to have your own backyard swimming pool, you can beautify it and make it safer with glass railings. Here are some reasons to consider these railings before the summer is over.

Glass Railings Make Your Pool Look More Expensive

Inground swimming pools aren’t often cheap, but if you’ve had yours for a decade or two now, it’s probably showing its age. By getting glass railings, you can reinvigorate the pool without spending money on expensive remodels like a new pool liner, a fresh diving board and ladders, or re-pouring concrete.

Little and Big Swimmers Alike Will Feel Safer

Not everyone knows how to swim, sometimes even adults. Having glass railings by the entrances to your pool allows little and big swimmers alike to easily get in and out without incident. That increases the safe use of ladders and steps, which can reduce accidents and injuries in your pool.

It’s So Easy to Clean Glass Railings

You may worry about caring for your glass railings. After all, there’s a lot that must be done regularly as part of swimming pool maintenance. Adding one more task to the list can be cumbersome. With soap, water, and a soft cloth, you can wipe down your glass railings on both sides. Make sure you wipe in the same direction so the glass will dry without streaks. It’s that easy!

New Railings Could Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

You might not be thinking of leaving your home anytime soon, but if you want to move in the future, you want a home with high curb appeal. Your house is already quite valuable if you have an inground swimming pool. If said pool is well-maintained with fresh glass railings, then your home’s resale value could go up even more. Isn’t that every homeowner’s dream?

Where Can You Get Glass Railings for Your Swimming Pool?

If this article has convinced you, you may want to look into getting glass railings installed for your swimming pool. Where can you do that? CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’re a glass designer and manufacturer that produces custom-ordered glass pieces for residential and commercial customers.

Our glass railings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose everything about the looks and design of your glass railing when you work with us, including its size, shape, glass thickness, and texture. After all, our railings aren’t just functional, but they look great, too.

If you’re ready to get started today, we ask that you send us a quote via our website. If you can measure around the stairs of your pool and send drawings or blueprints, we can get back to you with a quote for the project. Work can then begin once you’re happy.