Don’t Want to Buy a New Countertop? Consider a Raised Glass Countertop

Let’s be honest: new countertops are expensive. Each time you walk into your kitchen though, you’re reminded how unhappy you are with your current countertops. If revamping your countertops from scratch isn’t in the cards right now, what are your options?

Well, you could try accenting your current counters with a raised glass panel. At CBD Glass, our team specializes in custom glass accent items for the home, including the kitchen. We can add a glass panel to your countertop, your kitchen island, or both.

Here are some options you have for jazzing up that tired old kitchen counter!

Curvy Glass Extension

This counter looks brand new thanks to the installation of our curvy raised glass top. The glass panel in our Aqua Clear base is 1 ½ inches thick so it’s plenty durable. We added our melting ice texture and fire-polished edges since those edges are so prominently on display.

LED lighting is a perfect finishing touch, as it really lures your eyes straight to the glass panel. You’ll forget all about how you don’t love the current counters you have!

Long Glass Top

Another option you have when you’re not thrilled with your kitchen counter is to cover it up. Our long glass panels can be customized to go over a portion of your countertop or even the whole thing if you want. This panel is an inch thick with an Aqua Clear base and melting ice texture.

It’s a lot easier to clean glass than it is countertop materials like marble or granite. You can use a soft cloth, dish soap, and water to polish your glass counter. Even better is glass won’t stain, giving you a durable counter option.

Shaped Glass Panel

You can also get a shapely glass panel atop your current kitchen countertop. Like the glass extension in our first example, anyone who comes into your kitchen will have their attention drawn to the glass panel rather than your old countertops.

This shape is one of many we can do at CBD Glass. If you’d prefer a more circular shaped panel, just ask our team! We can also accent your glass panel with all sorts of textures and colors if you so wish.

Ready to Order Your Raised Glass Kitchen Countertop? Call Our Team at CBD Glass Today

Now that you see how you can make even an outdated kitchen countertop look fresh and new with glass, why not begin designing your new kitchen addition today? At CBD Glass, we give you the power to customize all aspects of your glass accent piece.

You can choose between Aqua Blue and Ultra Clear bases as well as the thickness of the glass, its shape, style, and size. If you want your glass colorful, we offer a service called backpainting for a truly unique effect. Don’t forget our LED illumination in white or multicolored lights! It certainly makes a splash.

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