Does glass make a good backsplash?

Backsplashes are an increasingly popular home trend. They’re versatile, able to be placed in the bathroom or kitchen (or both!), attractive, and useful. You’re strongly considering adding a backsplash to your home to keep it neater but haven’t made up your mind about the material yet.

Is glass a suitable backsplash choice?

You can’t go wrong with a glass backsplash, especially when you order it from CBD Glass. We’re a glass accent company in Toronto that custom-designs bathroom and kitchen items like backsplashes. 

glass backsplash

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you order a custom backsplash through CBD. 

  • Easy to clean: Backsplashes are designed to catch most of the gunk so your walls don’t have to. Whether we’re talking about bathroom messes or those emanating from the kitchen, a glass backsplash wipes down easily with dish soap and water. 
  • Great styles: Do you love the idea of a tile backsplash? There are few materials tiles match better than glass. Alternatively, you can select a single-piece glass backsplash for a no-frills home addition.
  • Nonporous: Glass is nonporous, so it doesn’t trap in germs and bacteria. This is as important for a kitchen backsplash as it is for one in the bathroom. You’ll enjoy a healthier, happier home. 
  • Available in all shapes and sizes: CBD Glass imposes no limits on your imagination. You can have a backsplash that encompasses the entire wall or one that’s smaller and strategically placed.
  • Lets you see your walls: You don’t have to bid your walls adieu if you don’t want to! Glass backsplashes from CBD can remain transparent so you can appreciate your walls and keep them clean. 
glass backsplash
  • Can be illuminated: LED lighting is one of the best features we offer at CBD Glass, and one that our customers adore. The LED lights can cast a subtle glow or be more overt. It’s your choice! LED illumination makes your home safer after dark. 
  • Texturing available: Another exquisite service we provide at CBD Glass is glass texturing. We have dozens of creative textures that create visual appeal and dimension in the glass backsplash. Turn off the main lights, power on the LEDs, and marvel at the texturing. It’s out of this world!
  • Countless colors to choose from: We offer no shortage of glass colors at CBD Glass. We can introduce any shades you want through a service known as backpainting. Select from singular colors or a combination of hues. 
  • Increases curb appeal: Backsplashes throughout the home show how dedicated you are to keeping a clean, neat dwelling. A glass backsplash is more valuable still, increasing your home’s value.
  • Like a work of art: A glass backsplash as designed by CBD Glass is truly something special. You can guarantee that no one else in your neighborhood has anything like it. 

Now that you’ve seen the many reasons why glass is a suitable material for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom, isn’t it time to get your design planning underway? Contact CBD Glass today to request a quote.