Does a Kitchen Backsplash Add Value?

Anytime you renovate or remodel your home, you think about not only what your home’s current value is with the new addition, but what its future value could be like as well. You do this knowing you have no plans to move out of your home for the time being.

If you ever decide to move elsewhere though, you’re safe in the knowledge that your home would fetch quite a deal more money than what you spent on it.

Lately, you’re thinking your kitchen could benefit from a backsplash. You’ve cleaned and scoured the walls in your kitchen so frequently that they don’t look good anymore. Maybe the paint is dingy and faded or the wallpaper has started to wear away.

A backsplash would certainly solve your wall preservation issues, but will a kitchen backsplash add value to your home as well?

Absolutely! A backsplash is a trendy, functional addition to your kitchen. Homebuyers who tour your property will see that you care about the kitchen’s condition and will be quite impressed by your dedication.

Further, the homebuyers will be able to envision their own usage of your kitchen and think about how the backsplash can make their lives easier. They’ll be making an offer for the house in no time!

After all, when you order a glass kitchen backsplash through our team of specialists at CBD Glass, you can ensure your backsplash cleans up as easily as can be. You only need a dollop of dish soap, some water, and a soft microfiber cloth.

Dip the cloth in the water and soap and wipe over the backsplash in one direction. Then dry the backsplash using a separate clean microfiber cloth, being sure to wipe in that same direction.

Since glass is nonporous, germs and bacteria can’t get deep into nooks and crannies and potentially make your family sick. Glass also doesn’t stain, so even if you can’t clean your backsplash the same day after your latest cooking frenzy, you don’t have to worry about it being wrecked forever.

A glass backsplash alone will boost the value of your kitchen incrementally, but the more modern your kitchen is, the higher the price you can list your home for. According to HGTV, upgrading old appliances and fixtures, upgrading lighting, and updating the cabinets can raise your kitchen’s value too.

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Having a kitchen backsplash will simplify your cooking routine and increase your home’s curb appeal. If you’re ready to explore your glass backsplash options, contact us at CBD Glass by phone at 855-872-4223. Our company is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in glass accent pieces for the whole house.

You can select the size, shape, color, and glass thickness for your backsplash. Any backsplash ideas you have, our team can probably make them into reality! Our team even provides LED backlighting and backpainting, which imparts color to your glass backsplash. Call today.