Do You Install the Sink Before the Countertop?

It took a lot of planning and a lot more budgeting, but you’re finally getting a kitchen makeover done. Almost everything in your kitchen is being gutted and replaced and you truly couldn’t be more excited.

Your installation team asks you if you want the new sink first or the countertop. You’re at a loss, as you’ve never stopped and thought about it before. Should you install the counter before the sink or vice-versa?

Let’s explore the answer ahead.

Which Goes First – the Sink or the Countertop?

This isn’t a question like whether the chicken or the egg comes first, because there’s a very clear-cut answer. The installation team should mount the countertop first. Then, after setting up the new counters, they can add other fixtures such as a stovetop or a sink.

Doing it the other way around would create too many headaches. For instance, what if the countertop wasn’t cut to the exact specifications of the sink and it didn’t fit? This requires the team to do more work on the counter before coming back later that day or the next day to reattempt installation.

Does Your Countertop Installation Team Install the Sink Plumbing as Well?

Many professionals that install countertops will gladly add a sink to the new kitchen counter, as discussed. What about the plumbing though? Can your installation team get the plumbing up and running too?

That’s a little out of their depth, so no. You’ll have to call a plumber if you want your new plumbing lines attached.

Will Countertop Installers Remove Your Old Countertops?

The countertop installation people are coming tomorrow. Who’s going to take care of the deconstruction of your current countertops? Is that a duty they’ll handle or does the responsibility fall on you?

That’s going to depend on the team installing your counters, so please make sure you call or email to ask if you’re not completely clear on what their policy is. Some countertop installers don’t offer old counter removal on their list of services, mostly as a liability.

After all, if the team scratches up your cabinetry or fancy tile flooring during the removal process, they would have to replace it.

What Order Should the Rest of Your Kitchen Be Installed?

It’s not just that you need to be conscious of when the backsplash is installed versus the sink. Kitchen remodeling has a whole set of instructions that your installation team should follow to ensure the job goes without a hitch.

Here’s the rundown:

  • First, you need an electrician in the house to get the kitchen’s electricity set up.
  • Next, call a plumber so the pipes are connected and your sink will be ready to go.
  • If you intend to paint or wallpaper your kitchen as part of its makeover, do this before installation begins.
  • Perhaps new flooring was a part of your plan. The floors must be installed before any appliances and fixtures can be added.
  • Now your new kitchen cabinets will go in, followed by your countertops.
  • Did you upgrade your appliances? Those would be carried in and assembled after that.
  • Finally, the backsplash goes on the wall.