Do Vessel Sinks Break Easily?

You’ve always been captivated by the design of vessel sinks, also known as bowl sinks. They’re unlike any sink you’ve had in your own homes as well as your homes growing up.

After your ceramic sink developed another crack in it, you’ve begun seriously thinking about making the switch to vessel sinks more so than ever before.

You’re worried about the longevity of such an investment though. Will a vessel sink break easily or should it hold up well for the years to come?

Well, vessel sinks, by the very design, do have more exposed parts. Those include the edges.

If you use your vessel sink often enough, it does have the possibility of cracking. This is such a rare occurrence though that it’s not something you should worry about. If you treat your sink carefully, it’s sure to last you for a long time to come.

vessel sinks

Are you still thinking about proceeding with a new vessel sink? We’re CBD Glass, and we specialize in glass accent items for recreational and commercial use. That includes an assortment of various sink styles, vessel sinks among them.

All our accent items are made of glass. Although this might give you pause, it shouldn’t. We only build durable, lasting products with thick glass. You can select how thick when you build your custom vessel sink.

Interested? That’s not all you can customize when you order a glass vessel sink through our team at CBD Glass.

You can also select the shape of the glass bowl as well as its size. No, not all vessel sinks have to be perfectly round. If you look at some of the glass vessel sinks we’ve built for happy CBD customers over the years, you’ll see the extensive range of designs we can provide.

You could order a glass vessel sink with a scalloped, ribbon-like edge or a bowl with a thicker, more decorative edge. You can even opt for a vessel sink design not pictured here. We’ll make it happen!

vessel sink

You also get to choose the color of your glass vessel sink. Our CBD team proudly offers a service known as backpainting. This is a great way to add color to the glass in an artistic, appealing, profound fashion.

Your glass vessel sink will look like a work of art!

If you’re ready to order your own glass vessel sink, we ask for some measurements of your bathroom as well as drawings and/or blueprints if you have them handy. When you send this information in, our team can then provide you with a quote.

You deserve a beautiful sink that you’ll be proud to add to your bathroom. Each morning when you get ready, you’ll love spending time in the bathroom. It’ll also be a relaxing place of refuge at night.

To get in touch with our CBD Glass team and discuss your vessel sink options, contact us by phone at 1-855-872-4223.