Do Glass Sinks Scratch?

Well, it finally happened. Although it took several years, your stainless steel sink has a nice, big scratch in it. It’s more like a gouge, really.

You’re not sure what finally did it, whether it was a pot, a pan, or an oddly-shaped dish. You tried to buff it out, but you’re beginning to realize there’s no fixing it. Your stainless steel sink will never look as good as it did before.

You had been thinking of investing in a new sink anyway. You were tired of living in constant fear that your stainless steel sink would scratch. Now you’re tired of having to look at the scratch each time you use your sink.

One of the materials you were considering for a sink upgrade is glass. However, you really, really do not want to have a repeat of last time and buy a possibly scratchable sink material. Do glass sinks scratch?

No, glass sinks do not scratch! We won’t say glass is totally impervious to damage, but it’s a lot more scratch-proof than your stainless steel sink turned out to be.

As with any sink material, there are usage guidelines. When you place items in the sink, in the case of a kitchen sink, you want to ensure that items that go at the bottom of the sink are laid flat.

You don’t want any utensils hiding at the bottom of the sink either. As you stack up dishes in the sink, the fork or knife all the way at the bottom can shift each time you run the water or add to the stack.

You also want to be careful about the cleaning tools you use. Avoid any steel or metal scrubbers, for example.

You’re glad to hear that glass shouldn’t scratch unless in extreme circumstances, but what about how likely it is to shatter?

glass sink

If you order your glass sink through the pros at CBD Glass, then the answer is extremely unlikely. We’re a Canadian glass studio that custom-builds accent pieces for commercial and residential use, including kitchen and bathroom sinks.

When we construct our glass accent pieces, we build them thick. We allow you, the customer, to select how thick, but this is not the same type of glass as in the mirror in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

We use durable glass. Just like our glass shouldn’t scratch unless due to misuse, it won’t shatter unless you misuse the sink either.

If you’re interested in designing your glass sink, our team is waiting to hear from you. We give you a wealth of customization options that will make your sink truly and uniquely yours.

You can select the shape and size of the sink, the glass thickness (as mentioned), as well as whether the glass is translucent or colorful. We can paint the glass to be one color or a selection depending on your preferences.

We even offer unique services such as glass texturing and LED backlighting to add a new dimension to your glass sink. Call us today!