Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

Your shower is currently in a sad state. The grout has worn away over the years, and maybe it’s even gotten moldy. The tiles are hardly holding on, and the whole thing just doesn’t work anymore.

You’re thinking of switching to a frameless shower, but you’re just not sure. You heard from a friend that frameless shower doors tend to leak. Even though they might be a more appealing bathroom option, you would hate if your bathroom was a leaky mess each and every day.

Is it true that frameless shower doors leak? Fortunately, that’s not true at all!

Frameless shower doors feature tiny spaces at the sides and hinges of both doors, but with proper usage, water won’t escape from these gaps.

What does proper usage entail? When you’re bathing, if you use a shower head, make sure you don’t take it down and spray it anywhere near those openings. The same is true for redirecting water pressure. If you have younger kids, then you’ll want to show them the correct way to use the shower now that you’ve switched to frameless shower doors.

Make sure that your shower tile doesn’t slope outward as well, as this can send water out of the shower and onto your bathroom floor. Get inward-sloping tiles instead.

Frameless shower doors are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. When you order yours through our team at CBD Glass, we let you customize your shower to your specifications and preferences. Whether you want a square-shaped or rectangular-shaped enclosure or one with an angular-styled ceiling and walls, we give you those options and more.

Once you select the size and shape of your glass frameless shower, you can also get the glass detailed if you want your bathroom to be an especially opulent place. Through our backpainting service, a unique option from CBD Glass, you can add swaths of color, multiple colors, or even get the shapes of snakes, flowers, or nearly anything else etched onto your glass door. Our happy customers have ordered some of these exact frameless shower doors!

You can also get your frameless glass shower backlit with glowing LEDs so day or night, your bathroom is a comforting, warm oasis.

The seamlessness of glass shower doors creates the illusion of more space in your bathroom. These showers are also modern yet timeless. Cleaning your glass shower doors won’t pose a challenge, as the single piece of glass has few nooks and crannies for germs and bacteria to hide.

If you’re ready to get started designing your frameless glass shower door, our team at CBD Glass is happy to hear from you. We request measurements of your bathroom accompanied by a drawing or blueprint and our team will get right to work on sending you a quote.

Once you approve of the quote, our team can install your brand-new frameless shower door. Now that you know that you don’t have to worry about leaks from a frameless shower, you’ll have a high-quality, beautiful bathroom investment you can enjoy for years to come! Call us today.