Do Countertops Affect Resale Value

Are you considering putting your home on the market? If so, you’ve probably read resale guide after resale guide, eager to improve your property so it can fetch the max value when it goes up for sale.

As a parting gift, you’re contemplating changing out your countertops, but you aren’t sure if the change is worth the money. Will switching counters affect your home’s resale value?

Counters can affect a home’s resale value, both good and bad. Let’s explore how.

First, we’ll begin with the good. New countertops will stand out to potential homebuyers. A new counter will last at least a decade and possibly upwards of 30 or more years. It all depends on the material and how well its’ cared for.

glass bar top

A buyer may pay more now initially for the house, but they’ll save money later because they won’t have to think about their kitchen counters for at least a decade and possibly even thrice that.

Counters can change up the whole look of the kitchen, making it look fresh and inviting even if all you do is upgrade the counters. You might not have to repaint or retile, and you can delay upgrading the cabinetry, leaving that choice to whoever moves in after you.

Now let’s talk about when counters can detract from your home value.

Very expensive counters might turn off some homebuyers. They’ll see granite or quartz counters and wonder what kind of maintenance the counters require. They may also assume that your home will be full of other expensive features that are too costly for them.

According to UpNest by Realtor.com, you will recoup just 57 percent of what you spend on your home before selling it. That’s an important stat to keep in mind.

If you’re going to change up your counters, which material should you choose?

We recommend glass for a multitude of reasons.

Glass is elegant but doesn’t look overly costly like quartz or granite. You won’t have to worry about your taste in counters scaring away some buyers.

glass kitchen countertop

It’s also a timeless counter material. One of the biggest concerns of upgrading a counter is whether the material will look outdated in just a few short years. Then, even if your counters are new, they could negatively impact resale value.

Since glass never goes out of date or style, you can rely on it to keep your kitchen modern-looking for a long time to come.

Glass countertops are also easy to clean. The material is nonporous and won’t accumulate germs and viruses. It doesn’t have nooks, crannies, and ornate details that are tough to clean. You can wipe down any messes with a soft cloth.

A glass counter will also look fresh and appealing for years. Glass doesn’t crack easily when it’s used to build a thicker countertop, and it won’t stain either, so it looks as good as the day it was installed!