Designing a Modern Kitchen with Glass Countertops

An outdated kitchen instantly plummets your home value. After all, kitchens are a focal point of a home, a place of family togetherness. People crave a modern look that complements the rest of your home.

One way you can modernize your kitchen is by upgrading your countertops. If your counters are Formica or another material that’s nothing more than a bygone relic today, may we recommend glass?

Glass is such a beneficial material for kitchen countertops. For starters, it instantly has a much more classic, trendy look than any Formica counter. It even usurps most modern counter materials, especially in areas such as price and longevity.

You can think of glass as a blank paint canvas or an untouched ball of clay. You can make it anything you want through customization services so it perfectly suits your kitchen.

glass bar top

CBD Glass allows you to configure every last element of your custom kitchen counter. You can start by determining how thick the glass is. We offer three thickness options for a skinnier and more streamlined counter or a chunky, attention-grabbing design. There’s also a good in-between options.

Next, you can select the shape and size of your counter. We ask that you measure your kitchen and current counters before providing these measurements so we can build you a new glass counter that fits.

However, you can ask for any counter shape you wish, and we can make it happen. You’re not stuck with a boxy rectangular shape if that’s not what you’re interested in!

You now have some decisions to make. Do you want the glass to be translucent, a pale blue base, or do you want more color? We can craft the glass counter in any hue you want, from single colors in brights, pastels, or metallics to a custom combination of colors.

Keep modernity in mind as you select your color options. Monochromatic hues never go out of style, so no one would ever guess whether your kitchen was redone two years ago or 10.

raised glass bar top

We can also add texture to the counter. This creates a unique, futuristic appearance that can drive the date of production several decades forward depending on who you ask! We offer a rich assortment of textures for all tastes.

Another feature we offer that will lend a modern vibe to your glass kitchen counter is LED lighting. Whether you select bright white lights or colorful hues (that you can configure), you’ll love how stately your kitchen looks.

If you requested our glass texturing, turn the LED lights on, and you’ll appreciate the dimension of the texture work even more! LED lights give your kitchen more warmth, so you’ll look for excuses to gather there with all your loved ones.

Now that you know the depth of customization we offer for glass countertops, why not contact CBD Glass today to get your project underway? We’re happy to talk to you, and we can provide a quote if we have some basic information on your project like measurement details.