Design Ideas for Kitchens with Glass Countertops

At CBD Glass, your kitchen countertops aren’t merely for preparing food but for making a statement. We can create beauteous customized counters you’ll adore each day you use your kitchen.

This post will share some of our most popular designs to help you craft ideas you’ll be proud to bring to life with our team at the helm.

Matching Glass Countertop + Kitchen Island

If you’re going all in with a kitchen remodel, go all in. This pleased CBD customer requested a new glass countertop with a matching kitchen island, and these additions certainly made a splash!

The customer asked for our Ultra Clear glass, which is simple and colorless. We built the counter and kitchen island with a 1 ½-inch glass thickness and our ever-popular Melting Ice texture, which creates a cool, crackled effect.

Glowing LED lighting around both fixtures ties them together and makes them look right at home in this stunning kitchen.

Wraparound Glass Countertops

Have you struggled to remodel your kitchen because you have an unconventional counter shape or size? We don’t back down from any challenges at CBD Glass. We’ll build the custom accent pieces you want to make your kitchen incredible.

For example, take a look at this stunning wraparound glass kitchen counter a happy CBD customer ordered. It encircles their whole kitchen, lending the space a refined air. We created the counters with our Aqua Clear base, which is where that charming blue color comes from.

This customer requested our 1 ½-inch thick glass and Melting Ice texture with LED lights. It’s a cool yet classic kitchen feature that will last for a long time.

Kitchen Countertops with Side Glass Panels

One of the more interesting design trends in glass kitchen accent pieces is counters that don’t stop at the top edge. Rather, the glass continues all the way down the side, as seen above.

This one-of-a-kind style is showcased with our Aqua Clear base with a 1 ½-inch glass thickness and Melting Ice texture.

This kitchen counter will surely make your guests do a double-take when they enter your home. Besides the uniqueness of it all, you’ll also grow to appreciate how easy is it to clean and maintain your glass kitchen counter. You just need mild dish soap and water. It’s that easy!

Curvy Glass Countertops

Who says a countertop must be straight and rectangular? If you have a specially-shaped counter in your kitchen, you need custom designers who can build it according to its specifications, such as CBD Glass.

See how the glass counter we installed perfectly curves and slopes over the rounded sides and edges. This impressed CBD customer selected our Ultra Clear glass base with 1 ½-inch glass thickness and our Melting Ice texture, great choices all around.

Get Started Today

Now that you’ve seen what we can do, it’s time to begin planning your new and improved kitchen. Contact CBD Glass by phone or through our website for a free quote on your glass counters!