Design Ideas for Decorating with a Glass Countertop

A glass countertop is more than a surface for food prep or a place for your toothbrush (in the case of a bathroom counter). It’s a decorative statement!

This post will highlight some of the best glass countertop designs so you too will feel the decorating spirit!

Wrap-Around Counter Style

The top of a counter typically stops at the edge, right? But what if it didn’t? What if the counter material went down the sides of the counter?

That’s not a question you have to ponder, as this wrapround style has become a new trend in home interiors.

It’s certainly a lot easier to clean glass than it is wood, so the longer your counters extend, the better!

Rich and Colorful

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and a glass counter like this does so exceptionally well.

Despite that the counter isn’t all that large, its deep, rich blue color draws your eye right toward it. The matching vessel sink atop the blue glass counter is quite the statement-maker too!

Texturing and LEDs

The textured glass we provide for our glass accent items at CBD Glass make our services a standout. The texturing looks even more fantastic once you add some beautiful glowing LEDs to the mix.

The texture showcased in this example is our ultra-popular Sandstorm texture, which mimics rolling sands in a desert. The multicolored glow of the LEDs showcases every “grain” of “sand” and illuminates this kitchen beautifully.

Shapely Design

Who says a bathroom counter has to conform to the traditional square or rectangular shape? This CBD Glass customer requested a wavy shape for their small bathroom counter. We love how this one came out!

The curves extend on both sides, adding uniformity to the counter. Our happy customer also requested textured glass with LED lighting to make the bathroom feature that much more attention-grabbing.

Curved and Colorful

Continuing the shapely countertop trend, this next example of a kitchen counter shows what you can do with a bit of creativity and passion for color.

First, let’s talk about the shape. It’s a standard rectangular countertop on three of the four sides. The last side features a large cresting wave that adds visual appeal to the counter. It’s hard not to walk into a kitchen like this and be transfixed with anything else!

Then there’s the color of the glass. It’s a pale, creamy white with stripes of yellow, red, and orange that matches the curved shape of the glass. It all looks so intentional yet completely unique.

The L Shape

For either a kitchen or an especially large bathroom, a bigger counter requires even more attention to design. After all, the counter is going to steal a lot of attention, so it might as well look good doing it.

In the above bathroom counter example, the CBD customer kept the design simple, with our Aqua Clear base, Melting Ice texture, and texturing along the edges. The counter stands out but doesn’t scream, “look at me!” It’s the perfect design.