Dazzling Glass Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

You’ve gone through the trouble and expense of remodeling your kitchen, but it needs something more. You think it’s the outdated countertops that are keeping you from being totally pleased with the other new features in your kitchen.

These glass countertops from our team of professionals at CBD Glass will serve as inspiration for how you can wrap up your kitchen remodel!

Wraparound Glass Kitchen Counter

Who says that counters have to end exactly at the side anymore? These days, wraparound counters that extend nearly to the floor have become a design staple for homeowners who want something a little outside of the norm.

This happy CBD Glass customer selected a combination of Aqua Clear and Ultra Clear glass for the base. Our Aqua Clear glass is slightly tinged blue, while the Ultra Clear glass is completely translucent.

Then they asked for our Melting Ice texture, which creates the style of melting ice all down the top and sides of this unique countertop. Finally, they requested our LED lighting to add some very cool dimensions to their textured glass counter!

Long, Angled Glass Kitchen Counter

If you have a huge kitchen with a lot of counter to remodel, our team at CBD Glass can make it happen. This example from our very pleased customer shows you just what your own glass kitchen counter could look like!

This counter features our Aqua Clear base with the Melting Ice texture yet again. That’s quite a popular option among our many textures, but feel free to ask our CBD team about the other texture options you have. You’ll surely be impressed.

Finally, we added LED illumination that casts a soft blue glow on this glass counter, which gives the Aqua Clear glass an even deeper hue.

Textured and Patterned Glass Kitchen Counter

You don’t have to stop with texturing your glass kitchen countertop. You can also get ornate designs etched into the glass counter that makes it a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece, just as this forward-thinking CBD customer did.

This counter features our Ultra Clear glass base with our Sandstorm texture. You can see in the photo how the Sandstorm texture is finer than the Melting Ice texture, which could be right up your alley design-wise.

After we etched a wavy pattern into the glass counter, our customer asked for LED multicolored lighting that can switch between red, green, and blue.

In the photo, you can see the blue LED casting a soft glow over the entire counter. Our LED lights are great for more than merely looks but safety as well. If you or someone in your household is the midnight snack type, they can always navigate to the kitchen with our LED lights aglow!