Custom Glass Dining Table Designs by CBD Glass

CBD Glass is known worldwide for our stunning glass countertop designs, and with good reason, as we are the #1 producer of glass countertops worlwide!  We also produce a large array of both decorative and architectural glass pieces with a range of different uses for commercial and personal projects.  One of our most popular requests is for glass table tops, specifically glass dining tables.  Having a custom glass dining table done for your space ensures that it is always going to be a perfect fit as well as having a perfectly desired look to match the already present accents in the home.

Let’s take a look at some of the custom glass dining tables CBD Glass has produced:

# 1 Ultra Clear 1 1/2″ Raised Glass Dining Table

Glass table top for dining room design concept

This gorgeous glass table top is part of a large project we completed for one of our exclusive clients for his Bahamian getaway.  It is actually a “raised glass” counter top that is connected to the kitchen counter top & features a beautiful melting ice texture with 1 1/2″ thick glass and custom edge work.

#2 Ultra Clear 1 1/2″ Melting Ice Textured Dining Table

glass dining table

The above glass dining table was built for another exclusive client of ours and was designed as a convenient dining table in their luxurious kitchen.  It features ultra clear 1 1/2″ glass along our melting ice texture.

#3 Aqua Clear 1″ Glass Dining Table

glass dining table

The above pictured glass dining table was a smaller feature for one of our clients luxury condominium.  The aqua clear glass, thinner build, and melting ice texture make this small dining table a perfect fit for this space.

If you’re looking for a glass dining table that is truly custom and gives your home the perfect fit for luxury and class then call CBD Glass at 855-872-4223 and have one of our specialists work to make your dream a reality!