Creative Ways to Incorporate Frosted Glass Countertops in Your Home Design

You love the look of a glass countertop but hate how touching the counter can leave it smudgy in a hurry. Frosted glass makes for a nice compromise, as it hides fingerprints better (which is a must if you have kids in the house!). It also has a timeless yet modern appeal that many find desirable.

How do you decorate with frosted glass countertops? Here are our best ideas!

Try the Wraparound Counter

Wraparound counters have begun appearing in more and more homes. The counter material–which is frosted glass, in this case–extends down the sides of the counter all the way to the floor.

A counter style like this catches most people off-guard because it’s such a striking and surprising look. Frosted glass will look exceptional in a counter style this like, and you’ll adore marveling at the beauty of your kitchen. 

Add a Pop of Color

Frosted glass need not have no color at all. At CBD Glass, we can backpaint your frosted glass counter. This service introduces a layer of color to the bottom of the glass.

We have an extensive palette of hues available, including bright colors, lights and pastels, and metallics. You can choose from one color or several, and we can create little masterpieces on your counter.

frosted glass bar top

Texture the Entire Counter

Another service we offer at CBD Glass is texturing. Our team will expertly etch the texture of melting snow, blowing winds, or a starry night sky into the glass to give it a fresh layer of dimension and flavor.

The texture looks delicate and even more alluring with a frosted layer of glass. Texturing the entire counter–whether you opt for our backpainting service or not–will certainly turn heads whenever someone walks into your kitchen! 

Or Just the Edges

If you’d rather let the frosted glass stand out, you might consider texturing only the edges of your counters. We offer many of the same texture styles, so you can still have that impactful design you crave and savor the beauty of the frosted glass!

raised glass bar top

Play with Shapes

While the frosted texture of the glass is the real standout of your countertop, don’t miss out on the chance to explore fun shapes with your counter design.

Any counter shape you can think of is augmented with the presence of frosted glass. A standard square or rectangular counter looks stately and regal, while a circular counter looks modern but timeless.

Our team at CBD Glass will happily construct a counter in nearly any shape you wish if you provide project specs like drawings and blueprints. You’re not limited in any way, so have fun with this design element!

Use Lighting

We also strongly recommend incorporating lighting into your frosted glass countertop design. Our team can install white or RGB LED lighting for bright pops of color that give the counter a dreamy look after dark!