Countertops or Backsplash First?

Your kitchen needs a major overhaul, and you’ve put it off for long enough. You have big plans for this room. At one point, you need to get the current countertops removed and upgraded with bigger, more durable ones. You also want a backsplash installed since your poor walls are looking dingy and disgusting.

You’ve wallpapered the walls for now, but you want to preserve that for as long as you can. You’re not sure if you should prioritize getting a backsplash installed now and then the kitchen counter later or vice-versa. What is the best way to go about it?

Although it might seem like either-or is okay to start with, there’s a purposeful way you should do this to streamline the kitchen remodeling process. That entails you beginning with the countertop.

Why? For several reasons. First, between the kitchen counter and the backsplash, in almost all cases, the counter is going to be the larger expense. By getting it out of the way first, you can use the leftover budgetary funds on your backsplash.

If your budget is depleted for now, you can skip the backsplash until you have time to save more money. After all, a kitchen backsplash is nice to have, but by no means mandatory. You must have a countertop in your kitchen.

Another reason to start with the counter is that after it’s installed, it can make your kitchen look very different (but in a good way!). A backsplash isn’t likely to transform your kitchen so wholly as a countertop can.

If you had a certain design style in mind for the backsplash, you might change it now that you see your kitchen with the new counters installed. Maybe you downsize the backsplash or you decide to get a different color or pattern.

Of course, you don’t always have to choose one after the other. At CBD Glass, we can build combo glass kitchen counters with backsplashes. The result is one seamless piece of glass that protects your walls and prohibits messes from ruining your kitchen.

Our team can design custom countertops and backsplashes to your specifications. You choose the shape, size, color, texture, and whether your glass accent item has LED illumination.

Should you rather keep your backsplash and countertop separate, we can do that as well. At CBD Glass, the design choices are completely up to you!

You’ll appreciate having more glass surfaces in your kitchen. Glass is nonporous so germs clean up easily. The material doesn’t stain, so you don’t have to worry about hot pans leaving burn marks or wine stains if you tip a glass.

Cleaning glass is simple, which will make tidying your backsplash quick and efficient. Use a soft cloth and rub in one direction. Make sure you dry the glass in the same direction for a streak-free shine.