Could Your Commercial Business Benefit from Glass Bricks?

In business, there are a few pillars for success. You must market to your audience to draw them in, and you must provide consistently good products and/or services to keep them coming back.

Today, businesses are primarily concerned with their respective brands, and with good reason. A brand is a company’s own unique stamp on this world. Whether it’s the company’s message, philosophy, or products and services, branding sets them apart.

You should commit to branding on every level: from the look of your website to your advertising campaigns to your bricks and mortar store. This is regardless of the type of business you run; from restaurants to retailers, branding matters.

One way you may want to brand your store is with glass bricks.

Why Glass Bricks?

The better question is, why not glass bricks? Glass is sophisticated and classy. It creates a beautiful ambiance no matter how it’s used, from museums to medical facilities and even office buildings.

Glass allows the natural sunlight to stream in, illuminating your space in an interesting way. Glass bricks in particular stand out because these are a more uncommon decorating choice. While your competition may have walls and other surfaces made of traditional materials, you will be different with your glass bricks.

How Can You Use Glass Bricks for Your Business?

You may be curious about how you can use glass bricks for your business. Even if you’re not necessarily going for a showy vibe, glass bricks still have their place. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Create a white tiled wall with a few colored glass bricks throughout. This instantly adds visual appeal and will attract curious passersby.
  • Use large glass bricks as flooring in a chic uptown office space or conference room.
  • Make a bar out of glass bricks. You can get these backlit so they glow. Any customers coming into this bar or restaurant will make a beeline to this area.
  • A reception desk made of glass bricks will also shine.
  • Get glass brick walls installed. These can be translucent or frosted to let the natural light in throughout the day.
  • Arrange the colored glass bricks in various patterns and shapes. You can spell out your company name, recreate your company logo, or just make an abstract design sure to grab attention.
  • Install glass bricks in a marble or stone stairwell. This livens up what is otherwise a dull part of your building.
  • Use protruding glass bricks as crude shelving perfect for holding bottles, pictures frames, trophies, and other interesting memorabilia.


Where Can You Get Glass Bricks?

Are you interested in making your business space more creative with glass bricks? If so, come see us at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’re a glass designer and manufacturer who specializes in glass bricks. We also sell backsplashes, glass sinks and vanities, frameless shower doors, and plenty of other glass accent pieces.

Many of our items are customizable, so no matter how bold your idea, we’re sure we can make it a reality. Give us a call today to get started.