Choosing Rusty Colors for Your Glass Items: A Guide

Colors make our world more vivid and brighten up any home décor. There’s just one little problem when it comes to colors: what’s trendy and “in” now might not always be several years down the line. For instance, right now the dusty pink hue known as millennial pink is quite beloved. You could coat your house in this shade, but will it still be relevant in five years?

That’s why, when it comes to your home décor, it’s better to choose timeless, minimalist colors that are versatile. To that end, rusty colors are among your best choices. These hues work for modern décor and more traditional decorating. They blend in seamlessly with many glass items offered by CBD Glass as well.

If you’re interested in integrating these attractive rusty colors into your glass home decor, read on. We’ll cover the various hues available at CBD as well as how you might use them around the house.

Rusty Gold

Rusty Gold is one of our richest shades. It looks like liquid gold, with more of a brownish hue than a yellowy one. There are various lighter and darker swirls and portions to this glass color that make it anything but boring to look at. In fact, you could get lost in all the gorgeous, natural designs in this rusty gold hue. This would look great in a kitchen countertop or home bartop.

Rusty Copper

Rusty Copper is significantly darker than Rusty Gold. It’s mostly a dark, penny-colored copper mixed with black. Like Rusty Gold, there are swirls and naturally-occurring patterns throughout. If you want a backsplash that really makes an impact, then Rusty Copper is the color for you.

Rusty Gold with Black

Another darker glass color to choose from is Rusty Gold with Black. The gold in this case is more coppery and yellowy than brown, unlike the Rusty Gold hue we covered above. This would also make any backsplash stand out. We’d recommend it for classy bathroom sinks and other vessels as well.

These are just some of the many beautiful options for your custom glass pieces!