Choosing a Glass Door Design & Ideas

Here at CBD Glass we give our customers full control over their Glass Door Design with many beautiful design possibilities. Designing a glass door entails the choosing of a dimension, texture, color and frame. Other aspects of designing can include edge-work, surface treatment, substrate and LED back lighting. Below we’ll go through some of the things to keep in mind when designing a Glass door.

2Double doors (Fred) Mila & Alex (doorlight)

CBD Glass has a wide range of choices for textures, colors, styles and treatments which can help diversify your home’s glass doors while keeping a similar look and or feel. Glass’ unique properties make it ideal for doors which lead out to nature, allowing the room to appear larger and less constricted because of the added area of sight and scenery. The bigger the glass door the better the view of the outside world, this can add a natural lighting throughout your home.  In the event that you’d like to add a glass door where sunlight is directly facing we offer the option to frost the glass, in order to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into the room. This can also help reduce electricity costs of cooling the room while allowing natural light to enter.

Doorlight (textured) Doorlights(sandblasting)Mike's doors

Many modern designers today can appreciate Glass as a common material for doors. The clean look creates a very organized environment and adds a feeling of space all around. Glass is considered to be very elegant has always been in demand in Modern Design. Depending on each individual project, a home or business can contain anywhere from one to multiple different combinations and styled glass doors.

Shower Door (Gold Stones) SandstormShowerDoor Ron Lind door

Different types of doors:

  • Panel – Typically horizontal and vertical lines separate panels on the door
  • Sliding – This door is not opened inward or outward, it is opened by sliding to the side
  • Flush – As the name entails, the door is flush or flat with the wall
  • Pocket – Like a sliding door but the door slides into a pocket within a wall
  • Bifold – A folding door that opens into a triangle (While Folding) and then is folded over itself
  • Bypass – Like a sliding door, but with two parallel doors  that cross each other when opening
  • Windowed – Door contains a window to view the outside or a fogged design for privacy
  • Storm – Reinforced doors and glass in order to protect your home from debris during a storm
  • Patio – A door that leads to the outside of your patio, typically a sliding glass door
  • Decorated – Carved, Fogged, Etched, Stickers and any form of design can be considered a decorated door.