How to Choose a Glass Sink for Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Decisions, decisions. You’ve been thinking for a while how you could use a new sink for your bathroom or kitchen. It’s not that the plumbing has gone bad, but perhaps these fixtures have been in your house since you moved in or your current sinks are just terribly out-of-date. Regardless, you can’t help but want something that’s a bit more contemporary.

If that’s the case, look no further than CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’re a glass design and manufacturing company that puts the power in your hands. Nearly all of our products, from glass sinks to railings, frameless doors, shower doors, decorative glass accent pieces, backsplashes, and countertops, can be altered to a customer’s liking. Our customer satisfaction is what drives us at CBD.

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Not sure how to choose a sink that’s right for you? Allow us to show you a few of our options. Our glass vanities, intended for the bathroom, give this space a luxurious feel. If you’re the type who wishes they could come home after a long day at work and soak in the tub with some mood lighting, you’ll adore these vanities. We let you choose the size, shape, texture, and even color of the glass we use. We can even add melamine and wood surfaces, too.

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Our wall-mounted sinks are the epitome of class. Do you have a floor-to-wall sink that hogs up too much space in your already cramped bathroom? Do you struggle to get around this room to do anything at all, like dry your hair or step in and out of the shower? You’ll be pleased with our wall-mounted sinks, which seem to float in midair. Their flat glass surface trickles down the front like running water as a sort of usable artwork in your bathroom!

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Our pedestal sinks are a bit more old-fashioned. These are the above mentioned floor-to-wall sinks where the piping runs behind or below them. Some people prefer these sinks because they’re what’s most familiar and because there’s more room on the floor. At CBD though, we offer a modern twist, as this glass can be textured and colored. The circular part of the sink itself doesn’t even have to be circular; try scalloped or square-shaped and your bathroom will feel brand new.

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Our integrated glass sinks are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. These are integrated in that they blend in seamlessly with the surface, be that a kitchen counter or a bathroom counter. These sinks are never bulky and aren’t space hogs. They add a beautiful, sophisticated touch to any room. Like every other sink we offer at CBD, these can be customized.

So how do you choose? Well, that’s really up to you. It all depends on how much space you have in your bathroom or kitchen, what kinds of styles and designs most appeal to you, and what kind of dream vision you have for your bathroom or kitchen. If you need help choosing or have any questions about these sinks and our other glass products, feel free to contact us today at CBD Glass.