How to Choose a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Your bathroom shower is an oasis, a comfort, and, let’s face it, not cheap. If you’re thinking of making any changes to your current bathroom setup, you want to make sure you’ll be happy with those changes for years to come. You’ve already put a lot of thought into this, and you’ve decided the best change for your bathroom is to get new frameless shower doors.

These are a wise investment, as these shower doors add a timelessness to any bathroom. They won’t go out of style in the next five or more years, so your bathroom won’t be at risk of looking outdated.

However, as you begin doing your research, browsing around online and checking local home improvement stores, you’ve noticed there are many types of frameless shower doors out there. How do you choose the one that’s best for your bathroom?

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Frameless shower doors are incredibly versatile. These can be as roomy or as streamlined as your bathroom allows. Since these are frameless, they often make your bathroom look even bigger. How? Essentially, these shower doors are almost invisible. They stand out far less than thick, frosted, metal-rimmed shower doors.

With just glass and a thin frame, the rest of the bathroom opens up. Who said you have to expand your bathroom to have a bigger space? A few glass tricks are enough to give the appearance of more room.

Because these are nearly invisible, the focus is suddenly on the rest of your bathroom. If you’ve hid mildewed corners, chipped tiles, peeling wallpaper, and other unsightly bathroom blemishes, these will be on display for all to see now.

If you’ve been putting off a bathroom remodel for years though, this is finally the excuse you’ve been looking for. Perhaps you want your bathroom to be an earthy haven with shower walls colored and textured to resemble wood. Maybe you just wish for a fresh set of pretty tiles in a bright, cheery color like white or pale aqua blue. You might even want to let the shower do the talking and repaint the walls but otherwise leave them plain.

No matter your budget and no matter your preferences, you can fix up your bathroom your way. Of course, speaking of a budget, we’re sure you have one. While shower doors are an investment, they’re one that will last for years to come. You might have to spend a bit more now to enjoy a lot more later.

Just think, for example, of all the time you’ll save that you’d otherwise have to spend scouring the bathroom. With their practically nonexistent frames, these shower doors don’t get gunk trapped in delicate crevices. That means with a glass cleaner or even soap and water, soap scum and water stains come right off.

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