Changes in the Production of Decorative Glass

Whether you already own and love your own glass accent piece or you’re still on the fence about whether to invest in one of these timeless pieces, you know these hold an appeal unlike any other. Indeed, glass accent pieces provide charm, class, and beauty to any room in the house. These are also useful for commercial applications, especially for corporate lobbies, restaurants, bars, storefronts, museums, and so much more.

Just what are the trends driving today’s decorative glass production? Design and glass manufacturing experts are heralding new changes that promise better-quality glass for those who buy an accent piece in the future.

Glass island (Brian Garvin)1

The ceramic frit is a tried and trusted method of decorative glass manufacturing. Now it’s easier for glass production companies to use this means than ever before due to the addition of digital ceramic printing.

As the name implies, this method allows glass to be a blank slate for the customer’s imagination. Forget about the notion that glass is a fragile material that breaks easily. With digital ceramic printing, the customer can get their favorite pattern or image transferred to decorative glass. Ceramic ink makes it possible. Prepare for more vivid colors for decorative glass pieces.

Electrophoretic ink is changing the decorative glass game. This is a type of ink that is used with electronic paper displays, or film that is inserted into a glass accent piece. The film within, which can be showcased similar to the digital ceramic printing trend above, will look best when illuminated with a light (more on those later). However, what if the light goes off? With electrophoretic ink, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still be able to see what’s printed behind the glass.

Glass bartop XOC bar2

You may or may not be aware that some glass accents can be fitted with stunning LED lights to provide a warm glow. This shows off the shape, texture, and detail of a glass accent piece. Indeed, glass manufacturers are capitalizing on this trend by evolving lighting capabilities even further.

This trend is known as switchable glass, and it allows glass to look more or less transparent by changing lighting settings. How? The electronic power displays with electrophoretic ink are placed within the glass. These displays though have certain particles. Depending on the electric charge, those particles can change the translucency of the glass.

These trends and changes are certainly amazing, and they prove the versatility and timelessness of glass. As manufacturers, designers, innovators, and other interested parties come together and share their new ideas for ways of making and displaying decorative glass, the customer is the one who wins.

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