CBD: The Leaders In Unique Architectural Glass

CBD Glass is one of the most unique architectural glass manufacturers in the industry. Our architectural glasswork can be utilized in a variety of different mediums for both commercial and residential properties. CBD Glass provides highly technical methods of glass decoration including carving, engraving, sandblasting, fusing, bending, and sculpturing. Each piece of glass is created from a handcrafted original mold to create a unique work of art. Our stunning one-of-a kind designs are something you truly have to see to believe.

Custom carved and curved decorative glass panels for residential progect. Shown with LED light.

This is from a recent custom glass wall installation for a very special client of ours in Nova Scotia. Because the house is looking out on the ocean, CBD Glass custom made these beautiful walls inside a high gloss polyester wood with curved, custom carved glass to represent the ocean waves and nautilus engravings.

Our studio in Toronto, Canada is a combination of scientific research and production facility. As a result, CBD Glass can provide in-studio designs in texture, forms, and colors. This streamlines the whole process by providing all services in one main location.

Artistic glass panels (Fred3)

What really makes CBD Glass special is their founder Vladimir Fridman. A designer and engineer by trade; Vladimir is a master in the art of glass, steel, marble, stone, and other materials. His diverse background has led to incredible innovations in the glass industry. These innovations include, new techniques, textures, finishes and machinery. Vladimir has also been able to incorporate many different techniques in an effort to combine different materials for a variety of colors and textures.

Architectural glass project. Decorative shaped, colored, textured glass sculptures attached to backpainted glass.

This is the second part of our Nova Scotia project showing 10 shaped theromformed navy blue sails, mounted with visual 3d effect on custom backpainted staggered panels. The LED RGB lighting was added for more dramatic effect. It slides on the panels and highlights the colors on the ceiling.

CBD Glass is on the cutting edge of unique architectural glass manufacturing. We are fully committed to being the industry standard for quality materials and customer service. We will stop at nothing to ensure that we create the most beautiful and durable artistic glass for your home or business. Our team of skilled artists is ready to transform any boring space into a remarkably stunning work of art. You will be amazed at the incredible work CBD Glass provides. Call us today and start building your masterpiece.

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