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    An Overview of Our Glass Brick Options

    Have you ever been curious about the glass bricks we offer here at CBD Glass? You may not be sure where these fit in your remodeling project. Today, we’re here to answer that question and explain the types and colors of glass bricks available. Let’s get started. What Are...

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    The Basics of UV Bonding Glass

    Here at CBD Glass, we make our glass using a lot of interesting techniques, such as thermoforming, which we explained in a previous blog post. In addition to those techniques, we also use various technologies to make sure our glass is well-designed and exactly to our customers’ specifications. One such...

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    Could Your Commercial Business Benefit from Glass Bricks?

    In business, there are a few pillars for success. You must market to your audience to draw them in, and you must provide consistently good products and/or services to keep them coming back. Today, businesses are primarily concerned with their respective brands, and with good reason. A brand is...

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    Five Great Reasons to Get Glass Railings

    Railings are meant to keep you safe as you ascend and descend a set of stairs. These also fence in tall areas to prevent anyone from falling. That doesn’t mean your railings have to look bad, though. What if you discovered you can have functional, appealing railings? You can if...

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    Glass Railings from CBD Glass Improve a Home’s Interior and Exterior

    There are many reasons to improve the curb appeal of your home, even if you aren’t moving. After all, you want to be proud of your property. When friends, family, and other guests stop by, you want them to compliment you on the exterior and interior beauty of your house. If...

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    Celebrate the New Year with Glass!

    Nothing is more festive than style, and few things are more stylish than glass!  CBD Glass invites you to celebrate the new year with some of our most popular glass products.  We are excited to start the year right and would love to share some of our products, from...

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    An Overview of our Glass Techniques

    Here at CBD Glass we employ a lot of different glass techniques to achieve exactly what our clients are looking for.  These are techniques that we have mastered over the years and allow us to do things with glass that most of our competitors wouldn’t even dream of.  Below is...

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    Glass Railings add Instant Elegance

    Of the many pieces of glass work that we create, both artistic and functional, one of our most unique categories of work is our glass railings.  Glass railings are common in many high-end homes and work spaces but many people don’t consider how creative they can really be.  So many...

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