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    Choosing a Glass Door Design & Ideas

    Here at CBD Glass we give our customers full control over their Glass Door Design with many beautiful design possibilities. Designing a glass door entails the choosing of a dimension, texture, color and frame. Other aspects of designing can include edge-work, surface treatment, substrate and LED back lighting. Below...

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    The Evolution of Glass

    Let’s take a look at the evolution of glass throughout history: 3500BC Manmade glass from Egypt and Mesopotamia is believed to date back as far as 3500BC Some of the most used form of glass found around 3000BC was in glazes for ceramic vessels 2000BC Findings of glass from...

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    Integrated vs Wall Mount Sinks

    [p][/p] If you’re looking to replace a sink in your home, the question of whether to go with a wall mount or integrated sink will be one of your first decisions.  This will usually depend on your current layout/countertop situation but often times can be left to simple preference. ...

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    Single Piece Glass Backsplashes vs Tile Backsplashes

    A backsplash is typically used for protection around areas that can splash water, such as the sink or shower. When it comes to choosing a backsplash you should think about how easy it is to clean and how it can complement the wall it’s on. For today’s topic we’ll...

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    Help Your Business to Standout with Glass Signage

    Professional, sophisticated, and durable, glass can transform any room in your home or office. The ability to shape glass to fit any specifications makes it ideal for any custom design work. At CBD Glass we create a variety of glass designs for home and professional use.  One of our...

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    CBD: The Leaders In Unique Architectural Glass

    CBD Glass is one of the most unique architectural glass manufacturers in the industry. Our architectural glasswork can be utilized in a variety of different mediums for both commercial and residential properties. CBD Glass provides highly technical methods of glass decoration including carving, engraving, sandblasting, fusing, bending, and sculpturing....

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    Glass Countertop Maintenance

    CBD Glass Counter Tops are known for being very stylish & high quality glass that require little maintenance. Having one of our custom glass countertops in your kitchen or bathroom can be very aesthetically pleasing. Our glass countertops are extremely durable as they are all solid piece thermoformed glass...

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    How To Clean Glass Countertops

    So you just completed the installation of your beautiful glass countertop and your home is looking better than ever! Now that you have completed your home design project the next step is to make sure your glass countertops will be looking as good as new for as long as possible....

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