Melted Glass Technique For Large Variety Of Glass Projects

Melting is the process where a solid becomes a liquid, for example, when ice becomes water. That is the reason why our most popular texture is called “Melting Ice” . The glass doesn't actually melt per say, but rather goes through a glass phase transition. That means that when it comes to melting the glass, it is more gradual process than it would be with ice to water.  Instead of just melting and becoming liquid, it keeps on softening until it can “flow”. That way we can form it into whatever worm we desire. This texture I mostly used on our glass countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, raised bars, etc. It is very popular due to its look as well as practicality. Melting Ice texture is the best to use for things such as L-shaped counters, or larger countertops that consist of more than one part. Because the texture looks like melting ice, it is very easy to align the pieces together with a barely visible seam.