Glass Countertops Surface Treatments

Besides picking a texture for your glass project, you could also add surface treatment to it. For example, “White Onyx” is one of the most popular ones. It gives our glass countertops a very unique look that you will not be able to get with any other surface or texture. It gives it a “matte” finish, while still keeping the look of unique, exclusive glass. When looking through our website, you will notice a good amount of “White Onyx” surface treatment being used on many glass countertops. It looks stunning, especially when used with LED cool-white lighting. It gives the kitchen or bathroom, or even a commercial space a warmer look than “Melting Ice” textured glass used with LED light. Even though the “White Onyx” seems to be the most popular choice, all surface treatments look stunning in many different glass projects we have worked on. Thermoformed (textured) glass 1 1/2″ and 2″ thick has bubbles inside the glass and has distorted (watery look) top surface due to high temperature process.