Textured And Colored Glass Inserts

If you want to have more light flow into your home, but do not want any visibility, decorative glass inserts are the way to go. It will allow natural light to shine into the room, without invading your privacy. You can also use the decorative glass windows for inside of your home or office in order to separate two spaces without a heavy wall. If you are a business owner, decorative glass inserts are a perfect solution.

Office spaces can sometimes look dull and boring. To give an office a warmer, bigger feeling, use our glass inserts. The glass will allow light distribution between the rooms, and a unique design will add character and style. These glass inserts are ideal for smaller rooms because it will really open up and brighten up your space. Customizing your glass insert will give you a chance to use it to either bring a room together, or highlight certain things in that room. Because the customer has the choice of a texture, color, and design, the finished product can also be used as an accent in a room. For example, in a black and white room (picture GI21), the glass inserts are acting as an accent to give the room more color, style, and unique feel.