Add A Touch Of Sophistication With Decorative Glass Panels

Beautiful to behold and sometimes providing a bit of mystery, our decorative glass panels are designed to captivate the imagination and tantalize the senses. Whether you want a single glass panel that is a creative masterpiece of art or an entire wall that takes your breath away every time you see it, CBD will find a way to bring your vision to life. No matter where you decide to place our decorative glass panels, they will always look spectacular.

Thanks to our amazing artists who let nature inspire their creative capacities, our decorative glass panels serve as more than just functional walls or contemporary art pieces, but as a veritable feast for the eyes. People that crave beauty are drawn to our elegant and sophisticated innovations. The variety of textures, colors and intricate designs you can choose from, ensure that every piece we create will be to your individual desire. CBD’s artist will render your designs into an exquisite decorative glass wall that will make you the talk of the town. Each piece of CBD textured glass is produced from a handcrafted original mold to yield unique markings and texture. Our extraordinarily durable glass can be tempered according to building codes and specifications and is available in different thicknesses. Along with our artists collaborating with you in all stages of design, CBD also can provide professional expertise for installation to ensure the complete success of your project. Contact us today so that we can turn your dreams into a gorgeous reality.