Wall Mount Sinks For Bathrooms And Powder Rooms

Wall mount sinks are a great way to open up a space in a small bathroom or a powder room. Sometimes vanities under a sink can take up the room your bathroom does not have. This is where CBD's wall mount sinks come in. Freeing up your bathroom floor will make the room appear bigger, as well as make it easier to clean. Whether in a bathroom, powder room, or even in a laundry room, wall mount sinks have sleek lines that create a refined look. When it comes to choosing the style of the wall mount sink, you will have some options to choose from. The most popular wall mount sink we have is the “waterfall” sink.

A CBD Glass classic, that comes in 3 standard sizes: 30″, 40″, and 60″. This sink is unique, stylish, and will definitely be an attention grabber. The “waterfall” sink is unlike any other, and most definitely can be used as a focal point of your bathroom.  It is perfect for both: people who want a great and stylish decorated bathroom, as well as people who do not want to spend much time thinking about the small details. Because the “waterfall” sink is so gorgeous, you almost do not need to put any more decor into the bathroom to make it look complete. Wall mount sinks are very functional because of the extra space they allow in the bathroom; however, some people do not want any sink plumbing to show. The “waterfall” sink's unique design allows the great functions of the wall mount sink, while hiding most of the plumbing pipes.