Case Study: Transforming Kitchens with Glass Backsplashes

Back painted glass backsplash

Have you considered a backsplash for your kitchen, whether as part of a remodel or simply because the daily cleanup has gotten overwhelming? You’re seeking something that can take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary, and a backsplash is just the thing. 

How CBD Glass Customers Have Experienced the Transformative Effects of Backsplashes with Our Glass Accent Services

When most customers come to us, it’s because they’re in dire need of a change in their kitchen. They’re tired of the daily scrubbing to remove food stains and splashes from the walls. Too much exposure to soap and a sponge could tear wallpaper, and many of our customers have concerns about how it’d affect the wall paint. 

This is where CBD Glass Studio’s talented artisans enter the picture. We always begin our projects with an introductory call to get to know the customer’s needs. During this call, we’ll discuss your available space, needs, and budget.

After receiving measurements and a blueprint, we can make your idea a reality. Most of our customers have happily selected a painted full-wall or half-wall backsplash, which is the most impactive.

Kitchen glass backsplash

As the above photo shows, a half-wall backsplash doesn’t have to be intrusive. This one from customer Aaron Lang used our Ultra Clear glass base, which is entirely translucent with no color. Our team finished the backsplash with our backpainting service, adding white to the glass. 

It’s a subtle style that works for Lang’s already white countertops. The smooth, polished cabinetry lends itself well to the glass-covered walls, as they have a shine and seamlessness from one part of the kitchen to the other. 

The depth of experience our team at CBD Glass has extends beyond simple backsplashes. We’re also masters of texture, an element of glass accent items that makes them a head-and-shoulders choice better than any other backsplash material. 

Glass tile backsplashes

Sandy Garkhal ordered this vibrant backsplash for a truly unique take on kitchen design. Her backsplash was a full-wall style that started at the base of the counters and stovetop to the ceiling. 

Our team meticulously installed the single-piece glass backsplash behind the overhead range and the four wooden shelves, with two protruding from either side. It was painstaking work but clearly worthwhile for our happy customer. 

Sandy chose a Melting Ice texture, which is thick and chunky but not to the point of distraction. It grabs your attention and captures it, especially through the addition of LED lighting, another service offered at CBD Glass. 

We provide white or colored LED lights, and Sandy opted for the latter. Although the image shows blue LEDs, the lights can also glow purple. LED lights are an excellent way to elevate the value of your glass backsplash and make the kitchen a safer place to be after dark. 

Taking Your Backsplash Aspirations to the Next Level


The artisans at CBD Glass specialize in creating unique glass accent items for homeowners and business owners. Although the examples of backsplashes above showcase what we do, no two of our backsplash creations are alike, as we build them according to our customer’s needs.

Explore our range of services or call us today to discuss your project.