Can You Paint Kitchen Countertops?

Every day you enter your kitchen, you’re reminded that your countertops are woefully out of date. You keep meaning to redirect some cash towards upgrading them, but then something else in the house breaks and you need to spend the money there.

Then one morning, you had a thought. Can’t you just paint over the ugly patterning on your kitchen countertops? That would take care of the issue.

Yes, you can paint kitchen countertops with acrylic paint. However, the counters must be Formica or another type of laminate. You wouldn’t want to paint over expensive countertop materials such as granite because once you do, you can’t go back!

Admittedly, painting your kitchen countertops does carry with it a set of challenges. Compared to painting, say, the walls of your kitchen or a set of cabinets, painting a countertop is more difficult.

This can cause you to make mistakes and not be happy with the job. You’ll have spent all those hours–not to mention all that money on painter’s tape and tarps–for nothing.

Another major issue with painting your kitchen countertop is food safety. It’s not like you eat directly off your counters, but sometimes you do put food on the surface. If the paint isn’t food-safe, who knows what kind of chemicals you could be exposed to?

It turns out that while paint doesn’t like food, food doesn’t like paint either. Many foods can leave stains on the paintjob, ruining all your hard work.

You’re much better off saving the time and effort of painting your kitchen countertops and upgrading to a set of counters that you like. Glass counters are one of the most durable materials you can choose, especially when you hire our team at CBD Glass.

We’re a Canadian glass manufacturing company that specializes in glass accent pieces for homes and commercial buildings. Kitchen countertops and islands are two of our top-selling products, but we have glass solutions available for nearly every room.

When you work with us, you can select the thickness of your glass counter so durability is not an issue. You also get to choose the shape, size, and design of your counters. If you want your new glass kitchen counter to match the size and shape of the old one, we can do that. This is also a chance to explore new options and go for an oval-shaped counter or maybe a long rectangular one.

If you want your kitchen counter to match the cabinetry or other features in your kitchen such as a dining set, wall décor, or even curtains, we can make it happen at CBD Glass. We offer a service called backpainting where we infuse color into your glass counters and other accent items.

You can select the colors we use for backpainting, choosing from brights, neutrals, pastels, and metallics. If you can’t narrow it down to just one color, we can even backpaint your glass kitchen counter with a combination of hues. Call us today!