Can You Cut on Glass Countertops?

A couple of months ago, you got glass countertops installed in your kitchen, and you couldn’t be happier with them. You love the beauty and simplicity of the glass and feel like this accent piece could be one that you have in your kitchen for a long time to come.

Your old countertop was a workhorse, as you regularly prepared meals on its surface. Tonight, you’re making one of your favorite recipes for dinner, but it’s got quite intensive prep, including slicing and dicing.

Can you cut on glass countertops with a knife, or will you damage the glass?

We wouldn’t recommend you place food directly on your glass countertops and slice the food with a knife, no. Here at CBD Glass, we produce our glass accent pieces such as countertops so they’re of the highest quality. However, all glass can chip or scratch if you misuse it, and we’d consider cutting directly on a glass countertop as misuse.

Most countertop materials don’t fare well when you cut directly on them. Although decorative laminate might seem hardy, if you cut on the surface often enough, you’ll notice chips, scratches, and nicks when none were there before. Metal can scratch too, often quite noticeably.

Marble can be damaged rather easily with cutting knives. Even granite, which is much beloved for its strength, could show signs of damage.

It’s no secret that a new kitchen countertop isn’t exactly cheap. If your countertops are brand new or only a couple of years old, you should have them for many more years ahead. Taking care of them now will increase their longevity later, so it’s very much worth doing.

So what do we recommend for cutting on glass countertops? Please put something between the food you’re cutting and the countertop itself. A thick plastic cutting board is your best solution. As the name tells you, cutting boards are intended for you to slice into. If the board bears some scratches or slice marks, that’s not such a big deal. Better the cutting board than your counter!

Even putting the food on a plate and cutting it is better than doing your slicing and dicing directly on your new glass countertop.

Glass is quite a sturdy material, especially the thick glass we use for our kitchen and bathroom countertops here at CBD Glass. Yet you can still do more to preserve the glass, such as:

  • Avoid slamming hard items like plates, pots, or pans on the glass.
  • Don’t let pets on your glass countertops, as their sharp nails can scratch the glass surface.
  • Clean your glass countertop about once weekly to remove food residue and bacteria.

Although it can be a lot of fun to whip up your favorite meals in the kitchen, before you start food prep, it’s always a good idea to think of your glass countertop. Making smart decisions can keep the counter looking great so it can continue to be the centerpiece of your kitchen!