Can glass be used as a countertop?

Selecting a durable countertop material is critical to ensuring its appeal and longevity. You’ve pored over nearly every material imaginable, yet you’re still not confident about which to select. 

You keep returning to glass, but you have questions. Is glass a suitable countertop material, or should you continue searching?

Glass can certainly be used as a countertop material and in fact, is one of the most optimal material choices. Let’s explore why.

Glass Is a Blank Decorating Slate

Close your eyes and envision your dream countertop. Now, open your eyes. No matter what you pictured in your head, glass can achieve that vision. It can look like wood, stone, and other high-end materials but without the puffed-up price tag. 

The decorating freedom at your fingertips enables you to create your dream vision come to life with your new glass countertop. 

You Can Cut Glass Into Nearly Any Shape

Here’s the thing about counters lately: they’re often anything but square-shaped or rectangular. Oval-shaped? Sure! L-shaped? You betcha. 

Glass can be cut into all those shapes and more. At CBD Glass, a premier glass design studio in Canada, we’ve cut even more unconventional shapes still, including wavy, curvy patterns and long glass panels that seemingly drip down the sides of the counter.

You have much less versatility when you choose other counter materials, so why limit yourself? 

glass bar top

You Can Select Almost Any Color Imaginable 

A major consideration as you narrow your countertop materials is color. You might want a perfect match for the décor already in your kitchen, or perhaps you seek something that stands out and goes against the grain.

Glass comes in any and every color under the sun. You can select from metallics, muted pastels, or bright hues. It’s all part of a service we offer at CBD Glass called backpainting. This layer of color makes your glass counter impeccably beautiful. 

You can even opt for no color at all with translucent glass. There is no wrong answer. 

Glass Comes in Different Thicknesses

Some people like the design of a thinner countertop, while others prefer it to be thicker so it’s fortified against everyday use. CBD Glass proudly offers several glass thicknesses to suit your style and taste. 

Glass Is Stain-Proof

Isn’t it the worst when your counters get stained? If we’re talking about kitchen counters especially, it seems all but inevitable. Not anymore! Glass is a stainproof material. You can spill anything on it, from wine to animal fat, cooking oil, and grease. 

All along, glass leaves no trace. 

Glass Has Tremendous Heat Resistance

Another benefit for those considering glass for a kitchen countertop especially is its heat resistance. Glass can withstand temperatures between 250 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type.

You can confidently put a hot tray or baking dish on the counter without worrying about burn marks or melting. 

Glass Cleans Easily

One of the biggest advantages of glass as a countertop material is how effortlessly it cleans. You can ditch the harsh ingredients and chemical cleaners and use mild dish soap and warm water. A microfiber cloth is a good cleaning tool of choice for preventing scratches and leaving a clean, shiny finish. 

Ready to Design Your Glass Countertop? 

Now that you see the advantages of glass as a countertop material, your choice should be clear. Begin planning your glass countertop project today with the pros at CBD Glass.