Butcherblock Countertops vs Glass Countertops

Many of our customers like to compare different countertop types as it allows them to make an informed decision based on the pros & cons of the different materials.  Although we love glass as a material for countertops, today we’ll be taking objective comparison between butcherblock countertops and glass countertops.

Butcherblock Countertops



  1. Beautiful wood surface that is very appealing to classic style & modern kitchens.
  2. Because they are basically large cutting boards fixed to your countertop, they are ideal for food preperation & baking.
  3. The wood surface is great for protecting against cuts, chips, & cracks unlike many other solid surfaces.
  4. Butcherblock can be re-surfaced and re-finished years later to restore their appeal.



  1. Like most wood surfaces they require sealing & many times re-sealing years later
  2. Again following suit with most wood surfaces, these countertops are very susceptible to stains, burns from hot materials.
  3. Water can be especially troublesome for butcherblock countertops, if repeatedly wet (like around the sink area) the quality of the wood can be compromised over time.
  4. Butcherblock should also be oiled several times a year to maintain it’s natural beauty.
  5. There are limited types of wood that should be used for butcherblock, leaving little room for customization of the look.

Glass Countertops

Kitchen glass countertop (Home Improvment)3


  1. Glass countertops are very customizable in terms of colors, surface treatments, & edging.
  2. Glass countertops are non-porous and do not stain easily.
  3. They are very low maintenance (don’t require any treatments for the lifetime of the product) and are easy to clean.
  4. They offer many different lighting and underlighting options that are both practical and stylish.
  5. Glass countertops are a beautiful look for any modern kitchen.
  6. They are highly heat resistant and are almost impossible to crack.



  1. Glass countertops can be scratched, although our counters are not scratched easily.
  2. They are more expensive than many other surfaces, the price is comparable to granite.
  3. Although chipping or cracking is rare (almost impossible with our surfaces), repairs can be tricky.
  4. Finding high quality glass countertop manufacturers are rare, lucky you found CBD Glass the #1 name in glass countertops!

If you’d like to learn more about glass countertops and how they stack up to other surfaces contact CBD Glass today!