Budgeting After the Holidays for a New Glass Addition

2017 is underway. It’s a new year, which means you may want to make some new things happen. If you’ve been holding off on a home or room remodel, you may be ready to strike. There’s just one little problem. You just checked your bank balance and it’s disappointingly in the red.

Don’t be too glum. If you decide to remodel with glass accents and other additions, your refurbishment may be more affordable than you think. Call on us at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for all your glass needs. We’re a glass manufacturer that specializes in designing customized pieces that customers themselves dreamed up.

Wouldn’t you love a new wooden and glass desk, chic glass railings, a futuristic frameless shower door, a fresh backsplash for the kitchen, or even a thick glass countertop? At CBD, it’s all possible. Here’s how you can shape up your post-holiday finances to afford your favorite home additions.

Our first tip? Don’t wait to save. If you can start socking away some money in early January, definitely do so. If you can’t because you’re still catching up on holiday bills, that’s okay. Just plan a time when you can start saving. Maybe it’s after tax time in April. Maybe it’s a little before then.

So how much money should you save? It doesn’t have to be a huge fee. If you can put away $50 to $100 every few weeks, you ought to start seeing a significant change to your savings within a few months. Remember that every little bit counts, even pocket change. Consider starting a savings jar or creating a savings account through your bank that’s used only for your home remodel.

What if you’re having a hard time scrounging up any money to put towards savings? Cut back where you can. If you want the home of your dreams, you may have to make a few lifestyle changes for a while. Make coffee at home instead of buying it from a café. Pack a lunch and bring it with you instead of going out to eat. Stop ordering Chinese and pizza and cook at home. Forego luxuries like manicures, pricy haircuts, and the like until you have enough money saved.

So just how much money do you need saved anyway? Do some research online for similar remodels, but don’t just be content to guess. At CBD Glass, we offer our quotes upfront. All you have to do is get a professional picture or blueprint of the room in question. Send us the room measurements, the type of glass accent piece you want, the customizations you want, and the measurement of the glass accent piece. We’ll then send along a quote in no time.

Whether you spent way too much this holiday season on gifts, decorations, treats, or even a vacation, you don’t have to start 2017 waiting to remodel your home. With some time, patience, and a good savings account, you can get that beautiful glass accent piece. When you’re ready, call us at CBD Glass to get started.