Budgeting for a Glass Addition to the Home

The beauty, the magnificence, the awe-inspiring wonder: there’s just something about decorative glass that really stands out compared to materials like metal or wood. Perhaps it’s the sleek appearance, the smooth quality, or the translucence, but glass is a material unlike any other. It’s also a great addition to any room of the home. At CBD Glass in Toronto, you can find the glass accent piece of your dreams, such as glass fixtures, bricks, furniture, railings, enclosures, shower doors, frameless doors, sinks and other vessels, mirrors, backsplashes, and countertops.

Glass kitchen island (Mike Daniels)

If you want one of these stunning glass pieces for your home, you won’t want to wait. Luckily, at CBD Glass, you can get a quote right away so you don’t have to guess how much the work will cost. You simply reach out to CBD online or call 416-398-6890 to set up a time to visit the CBD Toronto showroom for a consultation. You will have to measure the space where the glass accent piece will go. You will also have to send in preferred glass type, thickness, and size.

From there, CBD staff will estimate how much it will cost to build a glass accent piece of that scope. Once you know what the cost will be, you can set a budget for your glass investment. Budgeting may seem difficult, but with some patience and planning, you can find smart ways to sock away little bits of money at a time. Eventually, that will add up and pay for something big, such as a new glass addition.

Bathroom glass countertops (Mike Daniel)1

First, make a spreadsheet or use an app to manage what you spend your money on. Be honest about everything, from the small costs (like a cup of coffee each morning) to the bigger expenses (such as rent). At the end of a month (the recommended timeframe that experts suggest you do this), see what spending can be eliminated. That alone could save you some significant cash. After all, it’s hard to tell how much you spend each month on small things like cups of coffee until you see it in front of you.

Start carrying cash with you. You don’t have to leave your credit or debit cards at home, but use them as a last resort. If you’re out of cash, you can’t buy whatever you want to, end of story. By paying with your cards all the time, you don’t necessarily have to think about how much something costs or if you really need it. If you have to count out cash to buy something, you’ll think more about its price.

Working Glass (Tyler Worden)

If you can afford it, start taking small bits away from your paycheck. Maybe it’s only $10 per check. Again, while that’s not a lot on its own, after a few weeks or months, that money will really add up. You can then put it towards that glass accent piece you’ve had your eye on for a while now.

To receive a quote today or to learn more about any of the amazing glass accent pieces mentioned above, contact CBD Glass by phone, email, or online contact form.

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