Boho Chic and Glass Counters

You prefer a more boho-chic style to your home décor (and let’s be real, your wardrobe too). You’re ready to upgrade the counters in your home, be that in the bathroom, the home bar, the kitchen, or maybe even all three. Like the rest of your home reflects your personal style, you want boho vibes for your countertops as well.

At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we customize glass home accent pieces like countertops. Here are a few of our most boho-chic examples to show you what we can do for your home!

Colorful, Vivid Glass Bathroom Countertop

If you have two favorite words, they’re colorful and vivid. This glass bathroom countertop should be right up your alley then. This happy CBD Glass customer ordered their countertop with 3/4th-inch thick glass, an ideal choice for bathroom countertops, as well as our Ultra Clear base.

They decorated the countertop with our Melting Ice texture, which lends simplicity and beauty to any bathroom or kitchen countertop. Then they chose a red glass basin, adding a huge pop of color.

Finally, the whole sink is accented with glowing white LEDs. Here at CBD, we offer LEDs in a multitude of colors, but by going with white, you let that red basin stand out all the more. This practically looks like a work of art!

Trailing Glass Bar Countertop

You love to embrace unconventional styles. This boho-chic glass bar countertop ought to suit you just fine. Unlike most countertops, which stop at the edges of the counter, the glass keeps going right to the floor! This is certainly a show-stopping, attention-grabbing look, just how you like ‘em.

Our CBD customer chose 1 ½ inch-thick glass so their counter was as durable as possible. They too selected our Ultra Clear glass base, which is translucent, and some understated texturing. LED lights bring out the beauty of our intricate texture work, which you can admire anytime you pour yourself a drink in your boho home bar.

Does life get much better than that? We’re hard-pressed to think of how!

Funky Green Glass Countertop

Our last suggestion is sure to spur some creative ideas. This awesome, eccentric green glass bathroom countertop is a boho-chic dream. The Aqua Clear glass base is an inch thick. This time, our customer asked for a Sandstorm texture, which is another popular option of the many glass textures available from our team at CBD.

The vivid green glass, which we colored ourselves, glows funkily in the night thanks to white LEDs. This is one way to make a statement, be that in your bathroom like this customer asked for or even in your kitchen!

Ready to Design Your Boho Chic Glass Countertop? Get in Touch with CBD Glass

Those are far from the only ways you can customize a glass countertop from CBD Glass to make it more boho chic. Whether you want a unique counter shape, style, color, or texture, our team is glad to make it happen!