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    Are Glass Countertops as Strong as Stone?

    CBD Glass offers a wide variety of glass products to bring the beauty of glass into your home or office. Whether it is a glass sculpture or glass countertop, all of our glass is of the highest grade to ensure you it will last a lifetime. People may see glass...

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  • 08

    Recycled Glass Countertops vs. Glass Countertops

    Another one of our specialties here at CBD Glass is our custom glass countertops. Glass countertops come in a wide array of textures and colors. Many surfaces are ingrained with materials that allow for a blend of browns, blues, greens and other colors that suit your kitchen color palette....

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    The Uses & Benefits of Raised Glass Countertops

    Here at CBD Glass we make a large variety of different architectural glass elements, one of our biggest selling products is Glass Counter tops.  More recently this has shifted more towards Raised Glass Counter tops, mainly because it does not require you to re-do your current counter tops.  Raised...

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    How is Glass Made?

    Here at CBD Glass, we specialize in one-of-a-kind contemporary and traditional classic designs, for both commercial and residential purposes. People always ask us how we are able to do such amazing work. The answer is very simple, we owe it all to glass. But how is glass made? How...

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    Standard or Exotic Textures for Decorative Glass?

    Standard Textures Glass or Exotic Textures Glass? When it comes to textured glass, CBD offers unique style choices that can make any room stand out, whether it is an exotic textures glass or a more classic standard texture. Although they both can “make you do a double take”, each...

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    The Glass Bar Top Experience

    Architecturally speaking, the way a space feels is just as important as the way that space looks. Whether you’re designing a bar area in your restaurant or hotel, the addition of a glass bar top from CBD will provide any visitor with a luxurious visual delicacy and, most importantly,...

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    5 Functional Glass Art Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

    Here at CBD Glass we offer a variety of gorgeous modern glass pieces that have the capability of transforming your home, office, restaurant, or bar into a contemporary masterpiece.  We offer hundreds of different functional artistic glass pieces that have been used all over the world by thousands of...

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    CBD Glass on HGTV – Kitchen Crashers

    CBD Glass on HGTV – Kitchen Crashers Very exciting for us to share this video clip from HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers. Where you can see our Ultra clear 1 1/2″ glass, melting ice texture, polished edges glass countertop.

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