Beautify Your Space with Glass Kitchen Islands from CBD Glass

The kitchen is a place of inspiration, of creativity, of family togetherness. Anchoring the room is the kitchen island. Perhaps you weren’t quite in love with that island when you moved in, but remodeling your whole kitchen is outside your budget. Don’t fret! By shopping at CBD Glass, you can get your own gorgeous kitchen island, some even with LED lights, that will make you proud of your kitchen.

Glass island- Jason Winiarsky4

When it comes to choosing the materials for a kitchen island, many people select heavy marble because it seems chip-resistant and long-lasting. Glass is less fragile than you think, especially from CBD. This non-porous glass prevents staining and is thick and reliable. You can choose from various thicknesses, such as ½, ¾, 1 inch, and 1 ½ inches. If your island has specific dimensions, you can get your new glass upgrade in those same measurements so installation is a breeze.

The customization doesn’t stop there though. Next, you can choose the type and texture of the glass. The ultra-clear glass is entirely transparent while the aqua clear has a slight blue tint throughout. A unique texture really makes your kitchen island the centerpiece. The linear style features subtle lines throughout, the pixels style may recall your childhood with an old video game console, the desert style is chunky with cracks, the avalanche style has deep cuts throughout, and the galaxy style looks like earth’s surface from a distance. You can also pick the beautiful wavy flow style, the water-like stream style, the semi-frosted sandstorm or ultra-clear sandstorm, the melting ice style, or even a semi-frosted melting ice.


You can leave the edges of your new kitchen island as-is or request that these are textured too. The fire polished edges have layers of visual appeal, while the satin edges are as smooth and luxurious as that fabric. The top of the island won’t be excluded. You can receive a special surface treatment like a colored one (with pretty white, blue, and yellow marbling), stone wash, textured, white onyx, green onyx, ultra-clear, or aqua clear.

If you are a fan of color, you can ask that your kitchen island is back-painted with almost any hue under the sun. You can choose from standard shades like pure white, silver metallic, medium gold beige metallic, gray, dark beige metallic, beige, and black; take a walk on the wild side with red or jet blue metallic. You can go so much deeper though with textured, shining opaque colors like silver, gold, dark brown, copper, charcoal gray, oceanic blue, and amber opaque. Rusty hues like a mix of black and gold will match most kitchens. CBD’s collection of translucent shades will wow you, as some of your choices include sky blue, deep red, multicolored, rich green, gold light, deep blue, and copper light.


Before you finish with your order, consider a cool white LED light to illuminate the delicate textures and colors you chose for your kitchen island. A multicolored RGB light can make even white or translucent glass glow like a rainbow. Start shopping at CBD Glass todayfor the kitchen island of your dreams.