Beautify Your Bathroom with Glass Accents from CBD Glass

No one wants a gaudy, dated bathroom, but remodeling with quality materials like marble or granite can be expensive. Those who are on a budget but still want a gorgeous, awe-inspiring bathroom should choose glass items like sinks, mirrors, and shower doors. Although you may associate glass with fragility, glass products from CBD Glass are sturdy, beautiful, and durable, sure to last you for years to come.

LAST Shower unit with medalion full size

Does your shower door have frames? If so, then it’s not exactly in style. CBD Glass produces predominantly frameless shower doors for that modern, timeless look. If you don’t want to alter the appearance of your whole bathroom, a frameless shower door also blends in more seamlessly, never clashing with the décor choices that you made. If you loathe cleaning the bathroom, these doors are also easier to clean since without a frame, you can just wipe them down. That lack of a frame also makes these tougher, as the glass is heavier.

No matter what kind of bathroom that you envision, CBD Glass has an accompanying frameless shower door. You can choose from decorative glass, textured glass, transparent glass, and even glass partitions. If something doesn’t strike your fancy, no problem! Those at CBD Glass are happy to let you customize your order, choosing the shape and size of the glass, the texture, and even the color.

wall mount sinks button

Continue your remodeling project with a variety of glass sinks from CBD Glass. An integrated sink fits right in your bathroom vanity and makes a better choice in regards to hygiene and cleaning. Toothpaste streaks, leftover hairs, makeup, and bathroom products all wipe away easily with this lovely glass addition. Whether you want one glass sink or two, the choice is yours. You can get the glass colored and textured to match the rest of your vanity or you can select a contrasting color for interesting visual appeal.

Wall mount sinks are intended for more compact bathrooms. These are affixed to the wall, freeing up your vanity and creating the illusion of more space. CBD Glass carries stunning wall mount sinks in vivid colors like copper, rich deep blue, white with aqua, and white with black. The waterfall style sink in particular will impress friends, family, and guests as the glass looks like it’s cascading down the wall.

Goldstream pedestal (bright silver)

Pedestal sinks also create an illusion of more space as these connect to plumbing fixtures in the wall. These traditional sinks are smooth, colorful, and absolutely alluring. If you want a whole glass vanity with a sink, CBD Glass has you covered. The Venice vanity curves upward for a truly unique bathroom addition. The Tulip design has a dip towards the back for a slimmer vanity. The Goldstream variety narrows down in a triangular shape and is available in silver and gold.

Complete your bathroom with glass mirrors and vessels in different shapes and colors. Make your bathroom into the relaxing haven that you’ve always dreamed it can be. At CBD Glass, affordable glass installments that you can customize are just a phone call away.