Backpainted Glass Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Here at CBD Glass, our team of experts offers a unique service that makes us sought-after in Canada and beyond. That service is backpainting. What is backpainting, you ask? Our talented professionals will paint the bottom layer of the glass accent piece, such as a kitchen countertop, so the color can be seen from the side and top layers. When combined with our textured glass, your countertop will have a truly amazing, customized appearance that you’ll love.

If you’d like to take advantage of our backpainting services for your glass kitchen countertop, here are some examples of what we can do that should inspire you!

Simple Backpainted Countertop

Okay, so this is a kitchen island, not a kitchen countertop, but the same idea can be easily replicated by our team for a counter. This customer started with our Ultra Clear glass base, which is completely translucent. Then they requested pale blue backpainting, our Melting Ice texture, an etched border, and LED lighting. This icy-cool counter could be the centerpiece in your own kitchen!

Classy Dark Backpainted Bar Counter

A wraparound glass countertop really pulls this home bar together, wouldn’t you say? This customer kept their countertop simple with a single color, no texturing, and no LED lighting either. If you have a darker-colored kitchen and you want a glass countertop to match, this counter ought to be right up your alley. You can even contrast a white kitchen with a black glass countertop.

Backpainted Teal Countertop

The cheery teal color seen here really puts a smile on your face, right? This happy CBD customer used our backpainting service for a bathroom countertop, but we can paint your glass kitchen countertop a single color like this in any hue you desire. We can even combine several shades for a multicolored effect!

Metallic Backpainted Kitchen Counter

Besides the standard colors, our team can also backpaint your glass countertop in metallic hues. Take a look at this example to see what we mean. This sleek glass kitchen island in metallic brown has a copper tint that matches especially well with the other accents in this kitchen.

Multicolored Backpainted Kitchen Counter

We had to save the best for last. Here is a whimsical, fun glass kitchen countertop that one of our clients custom-ordered. They requested our Ultra Clear glass base with multicolored painted glass inserts in hues like red, yellow, and orange. The wavy pattern of the colorful lines perfectly complements the equally curvy shape of this countertop. With LED lighting and our Melting Ice texture, the glass counter has even more dimensions to appreciate!

The above examples show the breadth of our services, but our CBD Glass team can custom-design your own backpainted glass kitchen island any way you envision. To connect with our team, give us a call at 855-872-4223 or fill out the contact form on our website. We can provide a quote once we have the measurements of your kitchen and other pertinent project information. Why wait? Call today!