Backlit Bar Top Ideas

Having a home bar has been a dream of yours for a long time, and you’re finally ready to make that dream a reality. You don’t just want any home bar though, but one that’s backlit so it’s illuminated anytime you feel like turning the lights down.

You’re in luck! At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our glass studio can create a customized backlit bar top for a basement, den, entertainment room, or any other nook. Here are some illuminated bar tops that our customers have ordered that will show you what our team can do!

Laser-Cut Backlit Bar Top

Now here’s a backlit bar top that’s going to garner huge amounts of attention. The bar itself is already very cool to start with, as it has geometric laser-cut squares throughout. Our team then outfitted this home bar with a glass top that’s 1 ½ inches thick. That’s perfectly thick enough for sending drinks down the bar to all your buddies.

Our Ultra Clear glass base with a sandstorm texture is a timeless combination, and with blue LED lighting underneath the bar top, all the intricacies of our glass texture work come to life in stunning detail.

Glass Paneled Backlit (and Front-Lit) Bar

This customer took our services a step further, not just stopping by accenting the top of their home bar, but the front of the bar as well. Atop the bar is our Ultra Clear glass base with a thickness of 1 ½ inches. The customer also asked for glass panels, each ¾ inches thick, with one of our many customizable glass textures.

All the glass is backlit in colorful LED hues, creating an effect that brightens this room day or night. Your home bar could have its own nightclub feel if you got as much illumination as this happy CBD customer did.

Curvy Backlit Bar Top

Here at CBD Glass, we pride ourselves on crafting glass accent items in nearly any shape and size. There’s no need to get a bar top that’s straight across if your bar has naturally rounded corners. This is a great example of how we can curve your bar top to match the shape of your bar exactly.

The glass, which is 1 ½ inches thick, uses our Aqua Blue base. Unlike our Ultra Clear base, Aqua Blue has a slight teal tinge to it. If you use white LED lighting like this pleased CBD customer did, the gorgeousness of that blue really gets a chance to stand out. The customer also got their glass textured in our melting ice texture.

Streamlined Backlit Bar Top

Do you not have a lot of room at home but want even a teeny-tiny home bar top? Our team at CBD can do it! This very slim bar top with a glass thickness of 1 ½ inches features a texture that our customer asked to be customized to their specifications.

The colorful strip of pink LED lighting really accents the Aqua Clear glass, wouldn’t you say?