Attract Attention with Glass Logos

These days, it doesn’t matter the industry, owning a business is cutthroat. You need to keep an eye on what the competition is doing and then one-up that competition at every turn. If you’re already planning how you can make your business more successful in 2021, one of the ideas your team might have come up with is getting glass logos installed.

Is this something that’s truly valuable for your company or can it wait? Here are 3 great reasons we think glass logos will attract attention to your business.

Adds Professionalism

Professionalism is still one of the pillars of any prosperous company. If you’ve redesigned your building several times over since your opening to make it look more professional, we think you should add a glass logo in the near future.

Our team at CBD Glass installed a glass logo panel for a company and it instantly transformed their lobby. Take a look.

Even though the glass logo is rather simple in this instance, the waiting area has professionalism and personality. This could be just what your business needs. Now when your clients and customers walk into your building, the glass wall with a logo on it will be one of the first things that greets them.

Those who you do business with will appreciate the attention to detail that you put into your office design.

Used as Branding

These days, thanks to social media and email, branding is easier than ever. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our digital brand that we forget about the one in our bricks and mortar store or place of business.

By installing a glass logo in the front window or in the lobby area as mentioned above, you’re creating another opportunity for branding. That same logo featured in all your email correspondence and social media posts will be front and center on your building. This establishes a sense of cohesion that’s really necessary when trying to build and maintain a brand.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

We’ll say it again: business is cutthroat. Any chance you have to think of something your competition has not yet done is an opportunity your business can’t afford not to take. If your competitors don’t have glass logos yet, then you know what to do.

When you’re the first to jump on a trend, it means everyone else follows in your footsteps. Maybe you start with a glass logo and then try our glass bar tops with LED illumination or even glass countertops for that front desk?

Ready to Order Your Glass Logo Panels? Get in Touch with CBD Glass Today

You and your team brainstormed and you’ve decided that custom glass logo panels are indeed the right solution for you. At CBD Glass, we can get you set up with what you need to brand and promote your business.

All our glass items are custom-ordered so we can create them to the specifications you need. Give us a call at 855-872-4223 to begin discussing your glass logo project today.