Ask about Our Special Colored Glass Treatment

There’s just something about colored glass that’s mystifying, beautiful, and timelessly appealing. It’s like having stained glass in your own home.

This glass may be naturally colored and recycled or it may be dyed or artificially colored. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we offer a special colored glass treatment for some of our glass items and accent pieces.

We retail such glass items as countertops, backsplashes, bath products (like mirrors, vanities, sinks, and vessels), textured glass surfaces, decorative glass items (glass inserts, waterfalls and fountains), decorative windows, glass dividers, frameless shower doors, railings, furniture, and glass fixtures (like shelves).

One of the biggest perks we offer at CBD Glass is customization of our glass items. You can choose the size, shape, thickness, texture, and color of the glass. We even offer LED backlighting on our countertops, bar tops, and other flat surfaces.

If you want a dash of color, we already do backpainting. With this special technique, we paint the back layer of glass the color of your choice. This makes the whole glass item appear the same color. It’s a truly unique effect.

Our special color treatment is yet another way we can add some fun color to your life. We commonly use this technique with our glass dividers, panels, backsplashes, and countertops. Ask about getting this color treatment on our other glass items, too.

This color treatment involves combining different types of glass, often with many colors, and blending these together. The results are stunning and one-of-a-kind. You certainly won’t find glass like this anywhere else but CBD Glass.

What if you want to keep customizing your glass product? We make it easy at CBD Glass. You can visit our website to get a good idea of your customization options. Our exotic glass textures, for instance, are handcrafted. That means no two are alike.

Our talented craftsman can design glass textures that resemble melting water, snakeskin, zebra print, or raised wood. Our standard textures are a great option for those on a budget who still want something special.

Then there’s our backpainting, which we mentioned before. We offer this service on our wall coverings, store fixtures, countertops, walls, and backsplashes. You can choose from standard colors like red, white, green, beige, blue, gray, or black. You can also opt for a metallic hue if you have metal accents in your kitchen, bathroom, or another room.

Then there’s our rust-colored options. These are stunning to look at, as they have a texture and color unlike any other. For a room that has copper or gold details, this is a natural fit. Our rust-colored backpainting also looks great against dark wooden surfaces.

Are you ready to order your colored glass item from CBD Glass? We make it easy to order. To learn more or get a quote, you can visit our website. To give you the most accurate quote, we request you send us the desired glass thickness, the measurements of the room, and any blueprints or drawings you have available.