Artistic Decorative Glass by CBD Glass

CBD Glass is known worldwide for our outstanding functional glass such as our glass countertops, glass sinks, & glass bar tops just to name a few.  But we also develop some beautiful artistic glass pieces for our clients.  Check out a few of our recent custom decorative glass pieces:

Glass Fountains & Waterfalls

Glass waterfalls & fountains are a fantastic way to dress up any elegant space, inside or out.  Check out some of our glass waterfalls we have created over the years:

waterfall1 waterfall2 waterfall3

Wall Mount Decorative Glass

Decorative wall mounted glass is another one of our fantastic forms of decorative glass art work.  These glass art pieces can be completely customized to feature any shape, image, or portrait you can imagine.  We have done a large variety of different forms of wall mount decorative glass, below are just a few examples:

wallglass1 wallglass2 wallglass3

Decorative Glass Floors

Decorative glass floors are a very unique for of decorative glass artwork that we have pioneered in many ways.  We have done a variety of different forms of decorative glass floors, from glass bricks to LED under-lighting to full portraits.  Check out just a few great examples of this form of glass art:

glassfloor1 glassfloor2 glassfloor3

Some other Projects

The above examples are just a few different forms of decorative glass art that we create.  To check out some more complex and full project images check out our Projects page!

For more info or to speak with any of our reps about our custom glass products contact CBD Glass today!