Are Glass Vessel Sinks Safe?

You’ve seen them time and again in interior decorating magazines, on Pinterest boards, and on news articles shared elsewhere on social media. We’re talking about glass vessel sinks.

You can’t help it. Every time you see this sink style, it catches your eye. You envision how much more appealing your bathroom would look with such a sink adorning it.

However, you have some concerns. Are glass vessel sinks safe?

Yes, they are, especially when you order your glass vessel sink through CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian-based manufacturer of custom glass accent pieces. Our customers adore our quality and the range of customization options at their disposal.

One of your concerns when it comes to a glass sink of any style is that the glass could shatter or somehow snap right off.

glass vessel sink

While we can’t attest to the quality of competitors’ products, we know that our glass vessel sinks are built for durability. We give our customers the freedom to determine the glass thickness for their vessel sinks.

If you’re using your sink for everyday purposes, then there should be no risk of it breaking.

Another concern you might have is scratching the glass. Hey, accidents happen, and we understand that.

However, it would take a gargantuan amount of effort to scratch glass. On the Mohs hardness scale, glass is less hard than diamond, and not by a huge margin. That just goes to show you how durable it is!

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to stress about a glass vessel sink shattering or scratching, but what about staining? Perhaps you got some of your hair dye on the sink or some makeup. What do you do?

You wouldn’t panic, that’s for sure. Glass is nonporous and doesn’t stain. You should still clean up messes as they happen, but they won’t discolor the glass.

glass vessel sink

Since glass is nonporous, that also makes it much harder for germs to linger. When you clean your glass vessel sink, you can rest assured that it’s truly a clean surface.

We hope we’ve dispelled any concerns you might have about the viability of glass vessel sinks. If you’re interested in ordering your own sink, trust in the pros at CBD Glass.

As mentioned, you have the freedom to customize the thickness of your glass vessel sink, but that’s far from all.

Whatever shape or size you envision for your bathroom sink, let our team make it a reality. Whether you go for a traditional bowl-shaped vessel sink, a flatter design, or even one with ribbed borders, it’s your design!

You can also select the color you’d like for your glass with a unique service we offer called backpainting. We can paint the glass a single color or even a myriad of hues so your glass vessel sink looks like a piece of art!

The possibilities are truly endless when you work with CBD Glass for your best bathroom yet. To get started, give us a call at 885-872-4223. We look forward to hearing from you!