Are Glass Vanity Tops Durable?

You still remember how beautiful your bathroom vanity was the day you got it installed. Yet that was years ago, and as time has done its horrible dance, the appearance of the vanity has degraded. That weathered look is not nearly as appealing, but the vanity is in decent shape, so you’re not sure what to do.

Must you really junk the whole thing and start over with a new vanity? Before you consider that, you might want to think about trying a glass vanity top instead.

What is a glass vanity top? A vanity top is like a countertop in that it covers the top of your cabinets. The lip of the vanity top is such that it extends a little beyond the length and width of your cabinets at the sides and the front.

Okay, so a vanity top sounds like exactly what you need (as well as maybe some new paint and stain for the worn vanity cabinet). Still, you have your reservations about glass for the vanity top. Is it really that durable? Won’t glass break if you’re not careful?

At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we only use thick, durable glass that’s intended to stand up to everyday use. We give our customers countless customization options for their glass accent items, including the option to select the thickness of the glass. This will lend it more durability and protect your vanity even better.

You don’t only get to choose the glass thickness of your vanity top when you work with our team at CBD Glass. You can also pick the color of the glass, starting with our translucent or Aqua Blue base. If you want even more color, our team does backpainting, a one-of-a-kind service where we’ll color the glass to whatever hue you want via painting the back of it. If you’d prefer more than one color, we’re happy to do that too!

Our texturing services will really bring out all the fine nuances of your glass vanity top. At CBD, our texturing options let you mimic the effects of placid water, softly-blowing sands, or the peace of a sky at night.

You can even get your glass vanity top LED-lit so your bathroom takes on a whole new dimension. You’ll love the glow of the vanity top when you use your bathroom after sundown. Not only is LED lighting like this safe, but gorgeous as well! You’ll especially appreciate the look of your textured glass when it’s illuminated by LEDs.

If all this sounds like something you need in your bathroom or kitchen immediately, our team at CBD Glass is happy to help. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas for your new glass vanity top, then our team will get you a quote.

Being able to give your vanity a new life through a glass vanity top will save you money since you won’t have to replace the furniture. Don’t delay then; give our team at CBD Glass a call today.