Are Glass Tables Durable?

The tables in your home are your chance to showcase your personal sense of style. That has had you on the hunt for a more unique home addition. One option you’re considering is a glass table, be that a coffee table or even a dining room table. Of course, you have your concerns about investing in a glass table. Namely, if you buy it now, will it be broken in a year or two? Just how durable is glass?

Glass has a natural strength and durability that makes it a suitable material for not only tables, but entertainment centers, bar tops, countertops, and other tabletops as well.

We’re not here to deceive you and say that glass is stronger than stone or wooden tables, because it’s not.

However, durability is not an issue you’d have to worry about with a glass table. This is especially true when you order your glass tables and accent items through CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian-based glass manufacturer that produces an assortment of items for homes and businesses. These include glass fixtures, wine cellars, furniture, railings, enclosures, sinks and vanities, tabletops, backsplashes, and more.

Here are some more features of our glass tables that may interest you.

Glass Thickness

Do you envision a thicker, heavier glass table for your living room or entertainment room? Maybe you want a dainty, slimmer bedroom glass table. You can do both at CBD Glass. We allow our customers to select the thickness of the glass table, customizing it so it’s suitable to your tastes.

Thicker glass is of course more durable, which will also make you feel more confident about your investment.


Your glass table doesn’t have to be translucent, at least not when you order it from CBD Glass. We give our customers the option to make their glass table as colorful as they wish. Whether you opt for a single-colored piece of glass or you want a rainbow of hues, your wish is our command. From brights to metallics, pastels to neutrals, you can match your glass table to the rest of your home in a snap.

If you don’t like to go matchy-matchy, backpainting is also a chance to buck the norm and inject as much fun through color as your heart desires.


Texture and Edgework

One way to really make the colors of backpainting stand out is with texture and edgework. These are two features you’d be hard-pressed to find outside of CBD Glass. We will texture the entirety of your glass table with any pattern of your choosing. Some texture options include styles that mimic the peace of a nighttime starry sky, the energy of rushing water, or even the excitement of melting ice.

Our edgework doesn’t exclude any part of your glass table, as now even the edges are textured for a truly unique look. You can choose the same texture pattern as the rest of the table or go for something entirely different. It’s your decision!

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Now that you see the wealth of possibilities afforded to you with a durable glass table from CBD Glass, you may be chomping at the bit to get started planning your table design. We want to hear from you, so call 1-855-872-4223.